Acker releases new book


GREENVILLE – Ryan Acker recently announced the release of his book, If There Must Be an Enemy, It Is Not the Way.

Starting with the death of his grandfather, a World War II veteran from Greenville, the book chronicles Acker’s life coming out as gay in Colorado Springs in the 1990s, the disappearance of his nine-year-old cousin in 1999, and his experiences working in social services throughout the country during the last two decades.

“I hope sharing my own lessons learned will empower others who are struggling with the status quo,” says Acker. “I believe real change starts with challenging our own beliefs about ourselves as individuals, as well as our beliefs about others, so that we can come together in working toward a better future.”

Acker, who named Greenville as the national headquarters for his 2020 presidential bid on Nov. 5 says coming up with the title for the book helped to concretize his desire to run for President.

“I strive to adhere to the book’s mantra as best as I can, If There Must Be an Enemy, It Is Not the Way,” he said. “I think we’ve all suffered from the ‘us’ versus ‘them’ dynamic in our politics, policies and laws for far too long. I hope this book can help bring us back together.”

The book is currently available exclusively online at

For more information about Acker’s bid for U.S. President in the 2020 Election, visit, or contact AJ Murphy, Campaign Manager, at [email protected].

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