Cadets announce plans to join Navy


GREENVILLE – With graduation slowly creeping up, the two highest ranked Cadets in the Greenville High School NJROTC Program have enlisted in the World’s Finest Navy. This is an honor for the Green Wave Navy. NJROTC is not a recruiting tool for the United States Navy. Instead, the program seeks to help inspire students to become better citizens and to develop their leadership abilities.

Cadet Lieutenant Commander Victoria Gibboney and Cadet Lieutenant Levi Midlam, the NJROTC program’s commanding and executive officers, took the opportunity to serve their country as members of the United States Navy as E-3’s (Seaman). Typically, a young man or woman signs a contract to enlist as an E-1 (Seaman Recruit – the first pay grade in the military). However, the Navy values the leadership and technical development of students in the NJROTC Program enough to promote enlistees with at least three years of NJROTC experience to the two-step higher pay grade on their first day.

Both Cadets had joining the Navy in mind and have recently committed themselves to a future of service to their country. Both Cadets recently enlisted and attribute their reasons to experiences they have had in the program. Cadet Midlam expressed his feelings this way, “I decided to join the Navy sometime last summer. Attending NJROTC Leadership Academy this past summer and taking a NJROTC field trip to Washington, D.C. made me realize even more what I could do for my country through the Navy.” Cadet Gibboney said, “I have been thinking about it since sophomore year but I didn’t really commit to it until this year. I decided to join the Navy because it is what I have known for four years and I don’t like change.” Cadet Gibboney added that another consideration that made her want to join the Navy was travel and support.

Other Cadets in the Greenville High Schools NJROTC Program have opinions on Gibboney and Midlam joining the Navy. Cadet Chief Jacob Hinshaw said, “I feel like the two highest cadets joining the Navy is a really cool thing. It shows they are willing to sacrifice themselves for everyone at Greenville High School and others across the nation.” Cadet Seaman Aerianna York said, “I am kind of bummed that they will be leaving the unit, but other than that, I am very proud of them and what they will accomplish.” Another Cadet says that she did expect them to join the Navy. Cadet Chief Ashlee Brumbaugh said, “I did expect them to join the Navy because of their leadership skills and how involved they are in the unit.”

Other Cadets think that it reflects highly on the unit that the two highest ranked are joining the Navy. Cadet Senior Chief Logan Shields says, “I think the two highest ranks joining the Navy looks good on the unit because when people think of the CO and XO they expect them to join the military.” Cadets feel that the Navy is a good place for Gibboney and Midlam because they have so much experience. Cadet Brumbaugh said, “I feel that they will do a good job in military since they have spent so much time in the unit.”

Cadet Midlam leaves for Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, Ill. in June and Cadet Gibboney soon follows in July.

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