Apply for Youth Wild Turkey hunt


DARKE COUNTY – It’s all turkey talk at The Light Foundation as they prepare for their annual Youth Wild Turkey Hunt. The event will take place for the 12th consecutive year during Ohio’s youth turkey season, which is April 17-19.

Every year, they invite males and females, first-time hunters, and youth gobbler pros from ages 12-17 that reside in Darke County or attend a Darke County School to apply. They have many great volunteers who donate their time and enjoy sharing their love for this sport with the youth.

In addition to the wonderful volunteers, they also bring in top notch guides that will make sure the youth are following safety guidelines, learning about the habitat, and are enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

The students will have a chance to bag a bird, but there is no guarantee. The only guarantee is they will learn a lot, meet new friends, and enjoy a weekend in the outdoors. The applicants that are selected by a committee will be invited to spend a memorable weekend at Chenoweth Trails.

They will be required to possess a valid youth hunting license, a turkey permit, and attend the gun sighting on April 4.

In order to apply, the youth will need to complete the online application along with the writing assignment associated with the theme of this year’s hunt: “What is a healthy safe image and why is it important?” The deadline to apply is March 6, 2020. Visit their website for more information and to apply.

Ohio youth should be sure they are on the Ohio page of their website when applying as The Light Foundation is growing their programs and will offer an additional Youth Wild Turkey Hunt that will take place in Rhode Island, the weekend after the one in Ohio.

Are you a community member, landowner, organization and/or business who is interested in helping get the youth excited about the outdoors? They would love for you to partner with them in 2020. Let’s get these youth into the woods and encourage them to connect and explore the outdoors, give them the opportunity to experience things they may have never experienced before, and lead them down the path to becoming outdoor enthusiasts. Their team longs to preserve the sport and is eager to encourage these youth to become lifelong hunters. You can get involved by sponsoring a hunter, being an event sponsor, volunteering to help carry out the program, or offering in-kind donations. April Brubaker, The Light Foundation’s program director, would love to talk with you about these opportunities and more; contact her via email or phone at [email protected] / (937) 316-6352.

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