Radiant HOPE application available


GREENVILLE – Everyone needs a little H.O.P.E. in their lives. We are better together when we believe in H.O.P.E. The way Radiant H.O.P.E. proves this is taking action for God with their hands, stepping out to their brothers and sisters with Him, and speaking His love.

Radiant H.O.P.E. stands for “Helping Out People Everywhere” and is the missions and outreach ministry of Radiant Lighthouse Church.

The purpose of the application is to find the needs within Darke County for residence that have fallen on hardships and need a helping hand in one form or another. Examples of assistance would be school aged children that are not eligible for reduced lunches, families are unable to purchase school bags and supplies for the new school year, singles or families that struggle with meals, dental care, eye care, a home needing minor repairs, financial or budgeting training, and much more.

If you or someone you know within Darke County that would like to apply for assistance with H.O.P.E., contact them at (937) 504-6729 or write to them at P.O. Box 815, Greenville, Ohio. 45331, ATTN: HOPE Application. They will send you an application for submission.

To be considered for assistance in 2020, the application must be postmarked by Jan. 31, 2020; or personally return to Radiant Lighthouse Church.

The individuals and/or families they are able to assist will be contacted by March 27.

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