If cauliflower can become pizza, you can do anything!


New Year resolutions flooded social media shortly after Christmas, including the tired, beating-a-dead-horse lose weight and get fit to the vague goal to be the best you possible.

However, one anonymous, quirky resolution caught my eye, resulting in a lot of contemplation and the further realization I need other hobbies.

“Believe in yourself! If cauliflower can become pizza, you can do anything.”

In other words, dare to dream the impossible. If cauliflower can be pizza or any bevy of other foods we shall get to shortly, then yes, you can make all your dreams come true, no matter how outrageous.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve tried cauliflower pizza, but let me be blunt — what if cauliflower had a dream to be pizza only to discover it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be?

When it comes to a goal, dream, or resolution, it is always about tenacity, digging in one’s heels, and to never give up, never surrender. Be the cauliflower pizza! No one wants to give up on a dream because we think of it as a failure. We don’t announce social media, “Giving up on a dream, celebratory failure party this Saturday.” Such a declaration will only generate a handful of read-between-the-lines thumbs-up, and the party will be a bust because no one knows what to bring to a giving up on a dream –slash– failure party other than a fruitcake made out of cauliflower.

We give kudos to cauliflower as it tries to be pizza, breadsticks, rice, even a burger if such is its dream. Yet we don’t offer a lot of guidance on how to cope with failure, especially when it entails the dream career. Our jobs play such a significant part of our identity and one of life’s earliest ambitions.

How old were you the first time someone asked what you wanted to be when you grow up? I was in first grade though I don’t recall my response so much as the fact I was a lot like cauliflower, I thought I could be anything. Then sometime around junior high, the decision equaled our dependency on oxygen. There began a plethora of inquiries from counselors and teachers, coupled with elongated questionnaires that, upon completion, provided a list of potential, suitable career options. Options one had to pick as if your life depended on it because it did. You were cauliflower and had to decide if the pizza was right for you or cake.

Yes, there is a cauliflower cake.

We often hear the stories of those achieving their dream career only to realize it isn’t as fulfilling as they had hoped but can’t give it up because they’ve put too much time, money, and effort into achieving it. They won’t give up even though there are other options and possibilities out there.

There are, of course, other areas in our lives that to give up may be the best choice, such as the business that is no longer profitable, an event that no longer draws the crowds or serves a purpose, a site beyond repair.

Sometimes letting go is the bravest thing a person can do, a quote we won’t see shared on social media, and certainly won’t make it to an affirmation board or on a bathroom mirror. It won’t be someone’s New Year’s resolution, but if there’s one thing we should realize at the end of a year, on the cusp of a new is that every ending has a new beginning.

Yes, by all means, if cauliflower pizza is your dream, go for it. Just don’t beat yourself up too much if it doesn’t work out. There are always other options, like salad.

By Bethany J. Royer-DeLong

Pushing Ink

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