Spirit Medical to host blood drive


GREENVILLE – Spirit Medical Transport LLC will host a community blood drive Monday, Jan. 27, 3-7 p.m. in the training room, 5484 State Route 49 South, Greenville. Everyone who registers to donate will receive the special edition “Donor Strong” long-sleeve t-shirt in celebration of January Ohio Blood Donor Awareness Month. Make an appointment online at www.DonorTime.com or call (937) 461-3220.

January is Blood Donor Awareness Month in Ohio and nationwide. It’s a time to thank donors and to encourage support for the blood supply against the challenges of winter weather and seasonal illness. The long-sleeve “Donor Strong” t-shirt is a gift to donors now through Feb. 29.

Community Blood Center must increase donations in 2020 to provide blood to more hospitals outside our traditional 15-county service area. CBC is also seeking more automated donations of platelets, plasma, and double red blood cells.

Many CBC community blood drives now include the opportunity to donate platelets and plasma, which are critical for the treatment of cancer, trauma, transplant, and burn patients. Donors with blood types A, AB, or B positive are ideal. Automated double red blood cell donations are encouraged for type O donors. Safely donating two units of red cells helps increase the supply commonly used in surgery and the emergency treatment of trauma patients. Find out more at www.GivingBlood.org or talk to an apheresis specialist at (937) 461-3220.

Learn more at www.GivingBlood.org.


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