Griggs ready for tax season


GREENVILLE — Greenville Income Tax Administrator Eric Griggs is all set for the approaching tax season.

“We start getting busy mid-March,” he said. “Tax season is chaotic. You can’t really put the whole situation into words. I personally enjoy the challenge but the tax department would have a different answer. Hopefully, with introducing Tax Connect (Online portal for filing/paying online) this season, it will cut down on the long wait lines. This feature also allows taxpayers the option of using a debit/credit card to pay, which is something we have not offered before.”

Griggs, who became the tax administrator of Greenville on Jan. 16, 2018, had worked at Greenville Federal just short of five years.

“I started as a relationship banker and worked my way up to an assistant manager, then branch manager of the Kroger Branch.”

The 2008 Greenville High School graduate earned his associate’s degree of applied business in accounting from Edison State Community College in 2011.

He loves the work.

“Everyday is a different challenge,” he said. “Nothing is the same, which keeps your mind in-tune. I’m always learning new things. With changes being made with the tax ordinance, it makes things that much more challenging.”

He said there have been multiple people helping him along the way.

“My mom, as a single parent raising three boys, really instilled work ethic,” he said. “As a young man, trying to impress your mother is something I have always taken pride in. Doc (Mike) and Linda Fourman, led me to the Lord and Coach Chad Henry took me under his wing throughout high school.”

When asked how he became interested in this line of work, he replied, “I have always enjoyed working with numbers, especially after taking an entry-level accounting class in high school. The more I learned, the more interested I became.”

Did he want to be an income tax administrator?

“Absolutely! I knew changing career paths would be a challenge, but it was something I was ready for and looking forward to,” he said.

Is his job easy?

“Nothing related to taxes is easy,” he said. “It can get very complicated, depending on the situation. Complaints happen. I don’t believe anyone looks forward to filing/ paying taxes. The late filing fees being the biggest gripe. This is something the State of Ohio put into place and we have to abide by it.”

Working with him in that department are two account clerks, Diana Spitler, who has been with the department 13 years, and Brandi Hall, who started in September.

“We have roughly 6,750 to 7,000 active accounts, which we handle,” Griggs said. “Just imagine this many tax returns being filed around April 15, either via mail or in-office. Just shows how crazy tax season is.”

The son of Tammy J. and Marty D. Griggs Sr., he has two brothers, Marty D. Griggs Jr. 32, and Daniel R. Griggs, 31.

The 30-year-old tax administrator is a bachelor.

He enjoys playing video games and anything sports-related.

“I especially enjoy watching LeBron James,” he said. “Baseball is my passion as I played it through Little League and into high school for Greenville. My favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves. And, I enjoy listening to music — Eminem and Ed Sheeran are my favorite.”

As for his future, he hopes to be enriched within the tax department.

“I think being a steady face within the department goes a long way,” he said. “It builds a sense of trust with the taxpayers which, in return, helps deal with disgruntled taxpayers. My motto is ‘Stay Hungry and Humble’. I am always looking to grow either as a brother, son, friend or individual; but through growth, stay humbled and remember those before you and where you came from and not let any situation change who you truly are.”

Eric Griggs, income tax administrator for the City of Greenville for the past two years, said he is prepared to take on his second season, which will start getting busy in the middle of next month. Griggs, income tax administrator for the City of Greenville for the past two years, said he is prepared to take on his second season, which will start getting busy in the middle of next month. Courtesy photo

By Linda Moody

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