Admin building construction on-track, occupancy at an estimate


ARCANUM — The pending new police department and administration building is on track for completion, said Bill Kessler, village administrator, during the council meeting on Tuesday. However, occupancy is at an estimated end of March into the first week of April.

As previously reported, a generator necessary to run such items as emergency exit lights is the pushback to occupancy.

Otherwise, construction on the $2.2 mil project is on schedule, with no need at this time to “dip into” contingency money, continued Kessler with $100,000 allocated for furniture to be used to “get us into this building.” The funds split between paying for the generator as well as the furniture and other necessities. The plan is to make up the loss in new furniture by utilizing items already on hand, such as the conference table at the former administration building.

While Kessler had goods news for the on-track construction at the administration building, the North West Street project has hit a snag with the discovery of valve leaks at an approximate loss of 40,000 gallons of water per day. Whether the leaks are due to installation or faulty materials is uncertain.

The budget currently on track, Kessler stated discussions continue how best to tackle the issue that will include testing valves and a determination on who will be responsible for the costs given an estimated $7,000 to $15,000 in water loss a week.

Fire Chief Kurt Troutwine topped the meeting with a brief update on department runs for 2019, a total of 168, citing it as a little higher than usual but not as high as in the past.

“I don’t think there’s any rhyme or reason, it’s just the way it is,” said Chief Troutwine against an average 140 runs. Of those runs, the department made 19 medical assist calls for the village, responded to 15 motor vehicle accidents, primarily due to proximity to State Route 49, with an average dispatch time to the scene of eight minutes.

The chief also noted the financial loss of four building fires, which totaled $263,500 and $82,000 in vehicle fires. A significant loss came from a grain bin fire on Arcanum-Hollansburg Road outside the village limits in November last year. A fire scene he noted was the longest he had ever experienced at 20 hours.

Council also discussed, gave a motion, and/or approval to the following:

*A motion for sewer forgiveness of $427.81 for a home on South Locust St.

*Approval of approximately $37,000 for new admin building furniture

*Approval to hire two water/wastewater craftsmen apprentices at $14.50/$16.50 an hour

*A motion to approve the installation of two backstops at $10,000 per unit

*Agreement to remove the slide at the village pool

Council meetings are held at 7 p.m. every second and last Tuesday of the month at the All American Clothing Company, 1 Pop Rite Drive. The public is encouraged to attend.

By Bethany J. Royer-DeLong

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