Be a proud yes vote for DCP


Dear Darke County Residents:

Please join me in supporting Darke County Parks’ 1 mill levy that will appear as Issue 1 on the ballot March 17, 2020. With the passage of the 1 mill levy, the .5 mill, currently in place, would be immediately eliminated.

The Darke County Park District is a vital part of Darke County. It provides our residents and visitors with a variety of places to enjoy, explore, and experience. Darke County is truly fortunate to have such a hardworking, forward thinking park district.

As a life-long resident of Darke County, I appreciate the history of our area and feel strongly in the preservation of our historical sites. I also appreciate the preservation and naturalization of the areas of donated land that is part of Darke County Parks. I know for a fact that friends and family that have moved away from Darke County are only too proud to talk about all the wonderful bike trails, park trails, Shawnee Prairie, Bish Discovery Center, and all the recreational opportunities that fall under the care and protection of the Darke County Park District.

Did you know that the Darke County Park District also reaches out to help with any of our local villages and City of Greenville requests for funding their own park projects?

In voting for the 1 mill levy for Darke County Parks, you are ensuring the past of Darke County will be preserved and the future of Darke County will be maintained.

Please be a PROUD “Yes” vote for the Darke County Park District Levy!


Kimberly Rudnick,


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