Back and YFC partner for concert


GREENVILLE – Friends of Noah Back will partner with Youth for Christ to present An Evening with Noah. The concert will be on Saturday, June 20 at Greenville’s St. Clair Memorial Hall. Tickets are $10. Last year’s concert was almost a sellout.

Back is a young local entertainer from West Alexandria. He first started performing in public at the age of 12; he has been delighting audiences for more than half his life. His major musical influences were John Denver, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and the Bee Gees. When asked what kind of music he likes to play, he always says, “My favorite music to play is whatever you want to hear.” His repertoire is soulful and is made up of songs from the 20’s to the present and includes rock, pop, folk, Americana, country and inspirational music.

Back began his career in Yellow Springs, which remains one of his favorite places to play. He sang in Greenville over 40 times last year. Besides performing at restaurants, festivals, fairs, coffee houses, wineries, breweries, concert venues and bars, he plays at many private events as well as retirement communities. This is where Back is at his absolute best. He has an uncanny knack of connecting with older people. At retirement venues, he talks to each resident, often kneeling in front of a wheelchair. Each person has his undivided attention. He said playing in retirement communities is “one of my greatest joys.”

He has performed in Chicago, Nashville and Pittsburgh, and has played at City Market in Charleston, SC for three years in a row. It’s early in the year, but he already has over 120 events scheduled for 2020.

Noah Back is small in stature, but there is nothing small about his voice. People who hear him for the first time are amazed by its richness, depth and range. It runs the gamut from the high, sweet notes of “Mary, Did You Know?” to the deep, gravelly sounds of “Friends in Low Places” and some of Elvis’s songs. Besides singing, Noah yodels, whistles and plays keyboard, harmonica and several guitars.

One of Back’s biggest strengths is his connection with his audience. He asks for requests, and most of the time, he knows the songs people ask for. Noah Back is living his dream, spreading love and bringing joy to others through his musical performances. He is pleased that his music brings people together.

Tickets for the concert are available at the Youth for Christ office, Bread of Life Bookstore, Cratiques Antiques and Collectibles, Dave Knapp Ford, and Ault, Henderson and Lewis, CPAs. A number of the Friends of Noah Back are also selling tickets, which are $10 each. Memorial Hall is located at 215 W. 4th St., Greenville. The performance begins at 7 p.m.

Noah Back will perform on Saturday, June 20 at St. Clair Memorial Hall. Back will perform on Saturday, June 20 at St. Clair Memorial Hall. Courtesy photo

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