No decision outcome of special “emergency” council meeting


GREENVILLE — No decision was the outcome of a special “emergency” city council meeting held Saturday morning.

No member of the public was in attendance as council members immediately went into executive session to consider what action to take regarding the city’s Safety Service Director, Curt Garrison.

As previously reported, an explicit video had made its way around Greenville earlier this week that appears to feature and be filmed by Garrison.

Questions arose and have yet to be confirmed whether the video was produced at Arcanum Rescue Services Inc., where Garrison served as a volunteer. A position he resigned from before inquire could be made by Arcanum Rescue Services Administrator, Terry Shroder.

Council members had no comment at closure to the meeting. However, Michael A. Rieman, city law director, did provide brief information regarding the matter. First stating Garrison will continue to be on administrative leave.

While Rieman stated a decision would be made as quickly as possible, steps are being taken, so “we don’t expose the city to any litigation in the future.”

Rieman noted the city’s current litigation with a former city employee who, according to the law director, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.

“Because these are big issues, we don’t want to rush any decisions,” continued Rieman.

Mayor Steve Willman noted the issue is a blow to the city, given Garrison is at the forefront in multiple city projects.

“We have lots of things going on. It’s definitely a blow,” said Willman, who believes the issue may be revisited during the regular city council meeting on Tuesday, March 3.

By Bethany J. Royer-DeLong

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