Epley is the most qualified


My name is James O’Hara and I’m a 20-year Dayton area resident, the CEO of Dayton-headquartered ConsumerOptix and President of The Friends of the Arcade. I have been fortunate to know Chris Epley for 40 years. Chris is a candidate for the Second District Court of Appeals which includes Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, and Montgomery counties.

Chris was born and raised in the Miami Valley. He and his wife Eileen Epley live in Dayton and are raising their two teenagers in the same school district we both attended.

After graduating of the University of Dayton Law School, he has been practicing law for over 20 years. UD asked Chris to teach Appellate Practice and Procedure, a course has taught for 17 years.

Chris has a private practice of law based in Dayton. In addition, he sits as a part-time Magistrate in Municipal Court and serves as an Assistant Prosecutor in Vandalia Municipal Court and is the Chief Appellate Counsel in the office.

Chris previously served on our local school board and is in his second term on our Oakwood city council. I write this note to help your readers learn about my friend Chris Epley.

Drawing on my 40 years of knowing Chris Epley, I can confidently say that I believe he is the most qualified to faithfully execute the judicial responsibilities on the Second District Court of Appeals.

Thank you,

James O’Hara,


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