Solution is a giveaway to insurers


As a former state legislator, I know that when it comes to important legislative compromise solutions, the devil is almost always in the details. That’s no different with what we’re seeing on the surprise medical billing issue being debated in Washington right now. Congress says they are working on a surprise medical billing solution but recent proposals have unfortunately been a giveaway to insurers who have spent tens of millions lobbying Congress to protect their profits.

It’s time for Congress to look at the policy that’s working in a number of states including New York and Texas called Independent Dispute Resolution. IDR is working in states because it’s fair. This process pulls patients out of the billing dispute between doctors and insurers.

Remember, the details are always key.

A winning proposal needs a meaningful IDR component that protects patients from insurer’s attempts to limit access to care. This is essential. And it also needs to prevent insurance companies from manipulating the IDR process. The insurance industry is masterful in their ability to find loopholes and they aren’t about to stop pushing for one that gives them the ability to set their own prices, which would be disastrous for doctors and rural hospitals and ultimately patients.

I applaud our own Congressman Davidson and other conservatives for fighting for a better solution, and urge Senator Portman to take up a similar battle.

Jim Buchy,


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