Greenville Twp. cemetery cleanup


GREENVILLE – Spring cleanup will begin immediately through April 15 for all Greenville Township cemeteries. Families and loved ones are asked to remove all decorations that they wish to save by April 15 in all cemeteries maintained by Greenville Township.

Cemetery personnel will begin removing old arrangements that are not in vases attached to the markers or monuments, statues and other items. All cemetery arrangements must be placed in the marker vase if such vase is located on the monument, otherwise a saddle arrangement can be used on upright monuments. Also to be removed will be all hanging devices such as shepherd hooks, floral arrangements etc. When placing new arrangements on gravesites all arrangements must be in the marker vase (Greenville Township Memorial Gardens Cemetery) or a monument addle arrangement placed on top of the monument in all other Greenville Township cemeteries. All artificial arrangements must be either in a vase or on a monument saddle. The only exception will be Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Christmas Day. After these listed holidays then all arrangements not in the vases attached to the base monument must be removed within seven days after the holiday or arrangements will be removed by cemetery personnel.

Greenville Township maintains the following cemeteries – Memorial Gardens and Newcomer on State Route 118, East Zion located on U.S. Route 36, Emanuel on New Madison Coletown Road, Martin located on Culbertson Road, Crickbaum at Motorcycle Drive, and Bethel located on Cox Road.

With mowing season soon approaching, cemetery rules prohibit glass containers, wire, toys, figurines and all other such items that interfere with mowing and/or trimming. All cemetery arrangements must be located in the vase on the monument. The cemetery will be having the grass treated so visitors should look for signs to protect themselves from harm.

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