Just an old woman’s thoughts


I don’t usually vent my feelings very often other than to a very few close friends. But I am going to say something about this new virus that is out. I think this is just fear mongering. It has had way less deaths than the flu, and once again as the flu does it affects the seriously ill more than anyone else.

So let us the people decide if we want interaction with the world outside our homes. I am a Christian and my faith in God gives me hope that I know deep in my heart that God is in control, and has this situation taken care of. I know where I am going when I leave this world and would much rather go home to be with Jesus than live in this world isolated from people. This is just my feelings, I am not asking you to believe what I do or to agree with me. So if you think I am totally stupid, please do not feel the need to tell me.

But just think for a moment, if may be fun to stay home with your family for a few weeks and play games, talk to each other etc. but think of the single person living alone, and no one to talk to and you want to get out to eat, shop etc., just to be around and talk to other people, because staying in your home by yourself or a pet is very lonely and you feel isolated from society, people are afraid to come see you, touch you or interact with you. Because they don’t want you to get sick, and it’s great that people care about you but it does not feel like it, it is very isolating and lonely feeling.

I had a young boy at church this morning that came up to me and gave me a quick hug, oh no you say he could have made you sick, but I say he melted my heart and made me feel so loved and cared about. That moment was so precious to me and he will probably never know how much that hug meant to me. Let me tell you it meant the world to me.

So I say to the Governor and anyone else that can try to force me to stay in my home, please don’t ever do that to me. I would consider it very mean and disrespectful to me, inhuman and anything else you want to call it. Let me decide if I want to risk going out to eat or want to stay home.

So to sum it all up, let me make my choices, know that you have told me the dangers. And trust I have chosen what is best for me. You don’t know people’s lives and we are supposed to be the land of the free, not the land of being locked in our homes. And with all the fear out in the world right now, know that my biggest fear is not being allowed to leave my home.

Sue House,


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