Willman gives update on city’s protocol


GREENVILLE – Mayor Steve Willman addressed Greenville City Council Tuesday night to explain some of the questions the public has had in regards to the city building closing during the Coronavirus pandemic. “We want to make sure everybody realizes the priority of the city is to ensure essential services will continue and be provided with no disruption,” Willman said.

He shared that appropriate levels of police and fire will be maintained. “Each department has their own set of guidelines that they will go by to make sure that all shifts and personnel are kept safe,” he said.

The water department will make sure their staff is safe and have plans to separate the employees to ensure the department will be able to maintain a safe water supply.

The tax and utilities department will continue to come to work in the city building. However, the public will not be allowed in the building. In regards to tax payments and water bill payment, Willman said, “You can use the drop box on the northwest side of the building.” He added that the city will not be turning the water off to customers.

The city is still unsure if it will extend the tax deadline for city residents. Mayor Willman said, “There’s different parts of government thinking about extending tax deadlines. We haven’t heard anything yet that would cover us. That’s in discussion, but right now we haven’t changed anything yet.”

Willman encouraged residents to shop local and support the businesses that have been allowed to remain open. “We certainly feel the burden they are undertaking and hopefully it’s a short time and they can get back open.”

Acting Safety Service Director Ryan Delk said all of the departments “have worked extremely hard over the past few days to come up with a plan so everyone still gets essential services. It has been a stressful time for everyone.”

The city is trying to keep everything “rolling and on track.” Delk shared they have sent out bid notices for the South Park splash pad and restroom project. He also noted the downtown stamped concrete project began this week. They will be accepting bids this week for the Wagner Avenue expansion. The Greenville Creek water main crossing should begin April 6.

In other business, council:

* Approved the purchase of 16 trash receptacles for downtown and the South Park splash pad;

* Authorized joint bidding with Greenville City Schools to acquire fuel; and

* Agreed to waive the Civil Service Exam fee for the upcoming examination for the Emergency Communications Operator position.


By Ryan Berry


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