On March 11, at approximately 12:49 p.m., an officer was dispatched to the CVS Pharmacy, 1009 E. Main St. in reference to a shoplifting complaint. Dispatch was advised that a CVS employee had witnessed a male subject wearing all-black clothing with a black hat, concealing items in his pockets before going into the restroom. The officer witnessed a male subject who matched the description of the suspect, leaving CVS through the front doors. The subject was identified as Nathan Sprowl. The officer approached Nathan and asked what he had stolen from the store. Sprowl stated that he stole one stick of Chapstick, but that he did not steal any other items. Sprowl showed the lip balm which he had concealed in his pocket, and stated that he stole it because he did not have any money. CVS employees located an empty box of Burt’s Bees lip balm in the restroom where Nathan was previously located. The officer learned from dispatch, that Sprowl had a felony warrant from Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for possession of a fentanyl-related compound, with no bond. Sprowl was detained. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the warrant, and he was placed under arrest. He was transported to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office where he was released to staff pending transport to Montgomery County. Sprowl was trespassed from the CVS property.


On March 12, at approximately 8:41 a.m., an officer was dispatched to the Darke County Courthouse reference a subject with a warrant for failing to appear to court on a theft charge. Upon the officer’s arrival, Darke County Sheriff’s Office deputies had detained Donald Julian, who had been issued a warrant reference failing to appear for court on a theft charge. He was transported to the Darke County jail.


On March 12, at approximately 10 a.m., while on routine patrol, an officer observed a vehicle parked in the 400 block of E. Fourth St. The officer recognized the vehicle and knew that it was registered to Chad Robbins who had an active warrant for his arrest through the department. The officer observed an unknown subject sitting in the driver seat with his head down. The license plate was run through LEADS/NCIC and confirmed that it was registered to Robbins. The officer attempted to make contact with the subject by stating, “Hey Chad!” Robbins looked back at the officer and he was recognized him from previous encounters. Robbins was advised of his warrant and was placed into handcuffs. Robbins confirmed his identity and the warrant for Failure to Appear for Arraignment and Theft by Deception was confirmed. He was transported to the Darke County jail with a bond of $5,025.


On March 10, at approximately 5 p.m., officers from the Greenville Police department responded to 800 East Fifth Street in reference to a male that had been passed out in the yard behind a truck. Upon arrival officers made contact with Steven Grill, Jr. Steven Grill Sr., the owner of the property arrived on scene. At the request of Grill, Sr., Grill, Jr. was warned for trespassing at the listed address and also his property at 538 E. Fifth St. Grill, Jr. acknowledged the trespass warning and went on his way. Grill Jr. was subsequently warned for disorderly conduct as well. On March 10, at approximately 10:30 p.m., Officers were dispatched to 538 East Fifth St. in reference to a trespassing complaint. Upon arrival officers met with the victim, Grill, Sr. He advised that his son was on his front porch. Grill, Jr. was located sleeping on the front porch of the listed residence. Due to the prior warnings for criminal trespass at the listed address, Grill Jr. was arrested for criminal trespassing. He was transported to the Darke Count jail a charge of Criminal Trespassing with a bond of $275.
Shoplifting suspect arrested for warrant

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