Reid cancels elective surgery


RICHMOND, Ind. – Reid Health is contacting any patients scheduled for elective surgery as of Thursday, March 19, to let them know they will be delayed and rescheduled because of the COVID-19 national emergency.

State and federal health officials have called for all elective and non-urgent surgeries to be postponed, well visits in physician offices to be rescheduled and any other possible steps be taken during the COVID-19 outbreak. Reid Health is beginning with two weeks of scheduling and deciding each week about extending the cancellations, which is likely.

“Our patients are being extremely appreciative and understanding, because of national awareness about COVID-19,” said Billie Kester, Reid Health Vice President. “We know these steps will help us slow the spread of this virus and therefore hopefully avoid the healthcare system being overwhelmed in a spike of illness that exceeds our resources.”

The goals of all local, state and national measures is to “flatten the curve” of the numbers of people getting sick. Knowing the virus is spreading, these actions help lower the risk by slowing the spread. That hopefully will avoid a sudden surge of cases that could not be handled by an already stressed care system, Kester said.

The move also frees up additional caregivers to be available for other needs as the cases rise in the region. Other steps so far at Reid Health and Reid Health Physician Associates network:

A no visitor policy on the main campus, beefed up this week by a reduction of entrances and screening and issuing IDs to any healthy visitors who must come in as caregivers.

Offering a FREE COVID-19 virtual screening with the health system’s Reid HealthNOW mobile application.

Reducing the price of a regular virtual urgent care screening using ReidHealthNOW to $20.

Cancelling support groups, in-person meetings and events through March and April.

Closing the Reid Ready Care Clinic in Meijer due to challenges properly screening in such a public location.

A complete list of closings, delays and cancellations is updated regularly on the Reid Health web site at

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