Versailles Healthcare vendor tests positive for COVID-19


VERSAILLES – Versailles Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center reported that an employee of one of its essential health care vendors tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday.

This person is being treated at home, and her status is being monitored closely, Kristy Earick, Versailles Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center administrator, said in a statement.

The health care provider, who worked with residents on physical therapy, tested positive for COVID-19 three days after her most recent shift at Versailles Healthcare.

This health care worker did not have a fever at any time she was onsite at Versailles and exhibited no symptoms. It was in the days following her most recent shift in Versailles that she began showing symptoms.

“The safety and health of Versailles Healthcare residents and staff is our shared concern,” Earick said. “We are working directly with local and state health departments and taking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control protocols to help contain the spread of the virus. This includes continual monitoring of all residents for COVID-19 symptoms along with daily employee screenings. We have a policy, that we will keep for the foreseeable future, for our staff members to stay home if they have any symptoms of respiratory illness, without regard to cause.”

Before this confirmed report, Versailles Healthcare suspended resident visitations and will continue this policy.

“Regarding visitations, we understand that connecting with family members and loved ones is incredibly important,” Earick said. “Therefore, we will continue to provide regular updates and encourage them to visit virtually by telephone or video call, email, text or instant messaging. CDC recommendations on visitation are continuously being updated. State strategies are shifting, too, and as they do, we will be updating our efforts.”

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