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Dear Community,

In respect to Dr. Steve Gruber’s article concerning athletes who are missing their performance events:

Physical training to the exceptional ability to excellence in “body, mind and spirit” – as an athlete – begins within the inner soul to being disciplined.

It’s “discipline to the craft” of movement that makes an athlete. No different than it’s discipline to be a musician, artist, doctor, teacher, tradesmen, craftsmen, designer; or, whatever the field of study.

Yes. All K-12, trade school, college and university students deserve to be celebrated.

However, we are facing a Global Pandemic from a deadly virus – currently, with no possible cure – because it’s foundation-ratio is RNA (animal) based verses DNA (human) based. Social distancing is critical to EVERYONE’s physical fitness, health and survival.

Coronavirus-19 Strains S and L aren’t anything like what we’ve seen, since the Spanish flu. It’s not to be mistaken-to-dismiss the gravity by comparing it to seasonal flu.

While not being an alarmist, it is with a cautious pause to take a time-out to consider that we are facing a Biological Warfare that hasn’t been seen since WW 1. A good indicator to that as fact is that the entire globe is taking precautions by social distancing. It’s not just the United States, California or our small community in Darke County.

If one is, indeed, a true “disciplined” athlete, one will train at home – for the simple love of movement – without the need for an audience applauding with accolades – jeopardizing the very health of our loved ones and community.

I get the sentiment behind this article. It’s a natural mourning to what was. However, as a learner in Doctoral studies for a PhD in Education, it would be irresponsible for me to offer a mere opinion to this new reality – however, long this time period may last – months or years.

The following are links to information – from frontline resources – revealing just how serious this matter is. Please, stay home and be safe.

Journalist goes undercover at “Wet Market” where the source of Coronavirus mutates. https://youtu.be/Y7nZ4mw4mXw

Bill Gates 2015 Tedtalk on Outbreak https://youtu.be/6Af6b_wyiwI

World Health Organization, How to Stop the Pandemic https://youtu.be/6BOKgSCPD4E

Stacy Foureman


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