Heather’s Daycare gets pandemic license


PITSBURG – Heather’s Daycare Center, 220 S. Jefferson St. Pitsburg, is a childcare and preschool center serving children ages six-weeks to school aged. They have a before and after school program for schoolagers and also a summer care program. They have been licensed as a Childcare Center since October 2019.

Heather’s Daycare Center recently applied for and received a Temporary Pandemic Childcare License through ODJFS. This allows childcare centers with this temporary license to provide care to those who work in healthcare, EMS, Fire, banks, grocery stores, pharmacies and other “important” jobs being listed by Governor Mike DeWine.

They have the ability to care for up to 104 children in their two-story licensed center with separate classrooms for each age group. Their staff has required trainings and certifications set forth by ODJFS such as First Aid/CPR, Communicable Disease Training, Child Abuse and Neglect and many others.

On Monday, the daycare opened under their new license, 5 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Monday-Sunday to help with childcare issues during this unprecedented time. Parents should contact Heather Sullivan, owner, at 937-423-1922 or email [email protected].

Heather’s Daycare Center is and will continue to follow strict CDC and Health Department guidance’s in regards to cleaning, sanitizing and watching the health of their staff and children. Every child and staff member upon entering the center will have their temperature taken and if no fever is present will be allowed to stay. Hand washing occurs multiple times a day. It is a two-step process they adhere to at the center, where staff and children wash their hands for 20 seconds and then for those that are two-years of age and older sanitizer is applied. They are using a bleach solution to disinfect all surface and high-touch surface areas multiple times a day. They have more small group activities as a posed to large group activities throughout the day.

As they receive more guidance from ODJFS, CDC, and the Health Dept, they will update everyone.

They are proud to be one of the Temporary Pandemic Childcare Centers to be open at this time. Current and new enrollments will be accepted ASAP.

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