Letting the dogs out


DARKE COUNTY — Wondering what is going on at the local animal shelters?

Some social media sightings have indicated there have been local animals shelters delivering pets to people while they are unable to get out to adopt. One of them is the Friendship Animal Protective League, which reportedly delivered a companion pet to an elderly man who was too nervous to go out and look for one during this pandemic. This apparently occurred, because those involved were pre-approved adopters.

“Though the pet delivery idea is clever, I believe that violates the Stay at Home Order,” remarked Ruth McDaniel, acting president of the Darke County Humane Society (DCHS). “Luckily, our animals census is rather low right now.”

McDaniel said the DCHS Shelter stayed open until the Stay at Home Order came down.

“Some of the animals are abuse cases so cannot be adopted yet,” she said. “We have a couple people that already met a pet and want to adopt. We are out there daily and can meet with them by appointment. I do think folks should meet a pet and see if there is a bond before adopting.”

McDaniel is hoping the shelter can be opened back up soon.

“The mandates have forced us to cancel all fundraisers and adoption events for now,” she said. “If it goes on too long, may need to get creative!”

Robert Bair of the Darke County Animal Shelter said the shelter has been closed to the public this week and may open on Monday, if it gets approved.

“But we will have to limit it to a certain number of people,” Bair said. “We are taking people by appointment. We are just taking care of the ones we have here…11 of them. Typically, we don’t foster out dogs. They go out as fast as they come in.”

He did note, however, that Scentral Park, the dog park near the Animal Shelter, is open and said that people have been using it during this Stay at Home Order.

“All dogs must be vaccinatated and licensed,” he said.

Scentral Park continues to welcome dogs and their owners during the Stay at Home order.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_scentral-park-w.jpgScentral Park continues to welcome dogs and their owners during the Stay at Home order. File photo

By Linda Moody


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