Empowering offers distance learning support


DARKE COUNTY – Until current health concerns have dissipated, distance learning is the new normal adopted by school districts, colleges and other education-oriented agencies. Empowering Darke County Youth is now offering an opportunity for caregivers to discover a variety of “in-home” activities and some basic learning support services for their children needing additional help.

Empowering is a free non-profit service not affiliated with local school districts. Lesson plans provided by the student’s teachers always have priority and MUST be completed first. Once that has been done, Empowering Darke County Youth can offer a variety of home activities and academic practice to keep your child occupied and learning, especially those still struggling with the basics.

Empowering Distance is open for business. Simply email [email protected] and make a request. What does your child need? Math? Grammar skills? Other learning opportunities? They can supply skills practice for math, work with students on grade level reading and spelling words, set up exercises putting grade level words into sentences or paragraphs, and more. They will also be happy to provide activity ideas that are both fun and learning-based, as well as online links to free or low-cost resources. Whatever you need for your child, they will provide if they can.

Empowering Darke County Youth was formed in 2016 and as of December 2019 has provided more than 17,000 hours of academic support to 736 students throughout Darke County. Empowering works with students needing additional academic support through After School and Summer Tutoring Programs.

All Empowering services are free and are available for students throughout Darke County, regardless of their school district. Remember, however, the student’s district assignments MUST be completed first, just as they would during the normal school day.

The Empowering Mission: Empowering Darke County Youth is a 501c3 United Way Partner Agency providing After School and Summer Tutoring programs to assist students in the areas of language arts and math with the goal of Strong Students for a Strong Community.

If you would like more information or to help in our mission, please contact us at [email protected] or PO Box 1113, Greenville, Ohio 45331. For our online student help, email [email protected]. Be sure to provide the child’s age and first name, and specific information regarding the support you would like to receive.

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