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GREENVILLE — Darke County, and especially Greenville, lost a dedicated citizen in Phyllis Mong, when she recently died as the result of a stroke.

She, at one time, penned The Daily Advocate column “Out and About Broadway,” because she worked in probably about every business in downtown Greenville, not only on Broadway but some on side streets.

Yes, she will be missed, and here is what others had to say about her:

Debby Sodders: “She was one of a kind! Will miss her smile and friendliness. She deserves to be recognized as a wonderful woman and friend. Phyllis was our neighbor for many years and her son, Don, hung out with my brother playing crochet in our backyard. Years later is when I got to know her best though. She worked at many downtown Greenville businesses, always had a smile on her face, and a funny story to tell. Her impact of lives was huge.”

Sherry Mong: “Both Deb and Don (Mong’s children) are planning a memorial and celebration of life in August. Phyllis, my mother-in-law, was one of a kind. You wouldn’t find a prouder person of downtown and all about Greenville.”

Susi A Thompson: “She will be missed!”

Lelah Shoop: “She was a very special friend. I will miss Phyllis.”

Diane Billenstein: “So sad. She was a friend to all and cherished by those of us who knew her at the time of our Broadway business meetings.”

Kay McCarthy Reall: “When I was younger, I was in a sorority and Phyllis was in the older group of the same sorority. She was a very sweet lady…and a lot of fun! She will be missed by her many many friends.”

Elizabeth Mcnamara: “So sorry to hear she died…worked with her at Uhlman’s.”

Carole Schafer: “A very special lady!”

Debbie Nestor Baker: “She was a beautiful, classy lady who had a beautiful smile and could strike up a conversation with anyone. I didn’t get to know her until the last year, but her memory will always remain in my heart. She will forever be missed.”

Ginger Gilbert: “Most of my memories of Phyllis was seeing her in church on Sunday mornings. Always with a smile and kind words. She was one of a kind.”

Brenda Norton: “Sending prayers to the family. She was a sweet lady and was very kind to our mother.”

Marilyn McMiller: “God Bless Phyllis…a wonderful person with a heart of pure gold for all she knew.”

Jean Young: “Phyllis was classy, always nice and the best dressed lady in Darke County.”

Karen Taylor: “Such a lively woman.”

Kathy Cipriani Lockhart: “Oh my! She was a lovely lady! It’s been a while since I’ve seen her. So sorry to hear this.”

Stephanie Adkins: “Oh so sad. I used to deal with her when I worked at my old banking job. She was a sweet lady.”

Becky Garrett-Ress: “I got to know her while I recovered from an auto accident there in 2018. When I was at Heartland recuperating from our accident, I got to know her quite well. She was a sweetheart. I also remember her working at the Palace. I loved walking by her room and talking to her. She had such little space and I asked her once if she liked it there. Her reply? She loved it there!”

Nancy Bryant: “I used to go in her room and talk to her…very loving woman and mother. She loved her children, and she worked with my sister at the Palace.”

Lucy Mangen Hole: “Phyllis was classy and funny. I got to know her when she worked at the Palace. She was so helpful and have her honest opinion about an outfit when I asked her. I always asked and she was always correct. The world needs more Phyllises.”

Christine Randall: “I got to know Phyllis when she worked with us at the Daily Advocate. For years following, she would always send me a birthday card. She was a sweet soul.”

Shirley Mowery: “Phyllis and I shared the same birthday, month and day. We discovered this when she worked at the Palace. Every year since I received a birthday card. Fashionable, fun, and very caring.”

Krista Hurley Stump: “I modeled with her at Youniques when we did style shows. She was fun and so full of style.”

Katie Clark Gabbard, owner of the Ivy League store in downtown Broadway, had this to say: “I am honored to be tasked with carrying out a final wish in Phyllis’ will. She requested that in lieu of flowers, donations to the downtown merchants group be made (I assume she meant Mainstreet Greenville). She requested that I be the representative that facilitates this. I spoke to Ryan Berry this morning and we agreed on a way to honor her. A downtown event is going to be created titled, ‘Phyllis Mong Days’. The specific date will be announced but it will more than likely occur over a Friday and Saturday in September, probably replacing the Days of Harvest event. I want this event to emphasize the enthusiasm, love, and pride of place that she had for downtown. Donations to MSG, in memory of Phyllis Mong, will be set aside for the event. This donation info will also be included in her obituary. (I believe the wording will include donors specifying ‘Phyllis Mong Days’ in the memo line.)”


Phyllis Mong was one classy lady and dressed for the occasion. Here, she is at the fire department when she was honored on a special occasion. Mong was one classy lady and dressed for the occasion. Here, she is at the fire department when she was honored on a special occasion. Courtesy photo
Event to carry Mong’s name

By Linda Moody

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