Fairies making their rounds


DARKE COUNTY — Believe in fairies?

Apparently, there have been some of them traveling around Darke and Miami counties recently, making special deliveries to households, unbeknownst usually to the recipient.

There are several groups that are having fairies dropping off gifts.

One of them was begun by Jamie Cook of Greenville.

“I started the Darke County Fairies group to be able to bless families in this time of need,” she said. “Everyone is going through a lot during this time. And I wanted to be able to come together as a community and give out random gifts and be fairies. When I created my group, we were focusing on children, and it ended up branching out to blessing as many people as we can. The community has really came together in this, and I love it.”

Although her group is the Darke County Fairies, there are other groups as well…the wined/dined fairies, Darke County beer fairy, Darke County coffee fairy, Darke County wine fairy, and Darke county plant fairy.

Cook got the idea for a group after someone wined and dined her, and she wanted to return the favor.

“So when out paying it forward, my friend Sam Walter and myself decided to start a group for kids,” she said. “Why not bless the kids in our community? They are dealing with stress just as much as we are. The kids in this community miss their friends and teachers. We are all adjusting to this new life, not just adults. I created the group on April 26 and it has blown up and the community has came together to bless random people. It’s amazing.”

She said she came up with the idea on a Sunday, created the group that night and by the next day, families were out being fairies and blessed the community.

Yes, she has set up rules and guidelines.

“You have to live in the Darke County area for my group. But we are slowly branching out to Miami County,” she said. “I’m getting a ton of approval requests from people to be in this group that are out of state. I will not be approving those requests. This is for Darke County/Miami County only and I want to keep it that way. I have myself and four administrators for this group to keep track and add who we feel is a good fit for this group. It is nothing personal on anyone’s part. I just wanna make it clear if you invite people to the group we do screen them. And if they look sketchy or not fit for this group in our eyes. They get booted. This isn’t possible without you all.”

She went on, “Not everyone will get blessed right away,” she said. “This is all out of the kindness of random group members’ hearts. So please don’t expect to get a gift. I can’t promise to bless you in anyway, if you message an administrator anonymously asking for help we do what we can, reaching out to the group. If someone wants to help than awesome. If I can’t find anyone. I do apologize, Thisw group wants to focus on blessing people in general, not just wine, toys, beer, plants, whatever. With that being said, I don’t want to have to make group rules. This group hasn’t been up a week and we have over 500 members.”

What are some of the gift ideas? Toys, wine and/or beer, coffee, baked goods and plants from local businesses.

“In order to get this accomplished, all of the groups have threads where they can post their address if they choose or can message one of the administrators their address and they will try their best to make sure the family will get blessed,” Cook said.

How long do they plan on doing this?

“I would love to keep this going as long as the community would like me too,” she said. “We gifted as a family on Tuesday and blessed several families and my husband, kids and myself really enjoyed it.”

Cook, who works at Superior Auto in Greenville, and her husband Joshua who works at the foundry in Russia, Ohio, have four daughters. She is the former Jamie Gerace and was born and raised in Greenville.

“My friend Sam Walter and her family have really helped with building this group, along with Amber Tabor and her son, Greyson,” Cook said. “We have all come together to build this blessing community along with the other local groups that were created by other the local families.”

Kasey Widener is a real fan of this project. “It started out as ‘wining’ people where random wine fairies leave wine, candy of a sort, maybe a bath bomb and nice note on doorsteps of unexpecting friends, family or strangers. It’s blown up into wine, coffee, plants, kid-related goodies, etc. It is county-wide! Yes, women are going crazy over being these fairies to unsuspecting friends, family, strangers. There is this insane amount of positivity and uplifting of each other because of this. This is a unique act of kindness going on in our community. The big thing Jamie promotes is supporting local business when getting your fairy goodies-wineries, local coffee shops, greenhouses.. another great idea during this pandemic!”

Jamie Cook, shown with husband Joshua, has started one of the local fairy groups with the help of some friends, brightening up the lives of many people in Darke and Miami counties.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_VIRUS-COOK-WINING-DINING-1.jpgJamie Cook, shown with husband Joshua, has started one of the local fairy groups with the help of some friends, brightening up the lives of many people in Darke and Miami counties. Courtesy photo

Two of the Cook children are shown here with fairy gifts and have been on both the giving and receiving end.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_VIRUS-COOK-WINING-DINING-2.jpgTwo of the Cook children are shown here with fairy gifts and have been on both the giving and receiving end. Courtesy photo

By Linda Moody


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