Moving ahead in May


Last month we said we were holding out hope that April would be different from March. It wasn’t. We are still under all sorts of restrictions and orders, but they finally have a plan to open up Ohio. We are not overly thrilled with it, but…at least it’s a plan!

April was better weather wise, but not much. Still, there was some farming done, and we started work on our airport project. This project involves moving the two farthest west hangars to the east side big lot. This will allow for the future expansion of the required taxiway. The two buildings would have impeded that construction. The two hangars will be taken and moved as soon as the new pad being constructed by Denlinger Construction is completed. This also will allow for future expansion of new hangars as needed. In the last several years, our airport has experienced much growth, and through the help of the FAA, it will continue. We are fortunate that the FAA sees what we have done and agrees with our future plans.

In other news, Darke County has a new Visitors Bureau director, Ryan Berry. Ryan, the former editor of the Early Bird is the new director. The commissioners are happy that Ryan was selected by the Main Street and Visitor Bureau’s boards as the man to replace Matt Staughler. We feel that Ryan will be an excellent addition and will do the job very well. Welcome aboard Ryan!

Other than that, things have been running smoothly in the county. Our elected officials continue to do a great job in this trying environment. If you see one of them or their employees out and about, let them know they are appreciated. The commissioners certainly do applaud their efforts and dedication. Social distancing has been tough on our public meetings, even though we do practice it.

You can always read about what we do on our website,, or attend a meeting as some limited seating is available. Our address is 520 South Broadway, just south of the Courthouse, and we meet every Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Have a great May everyone!

By Darke County Commission

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