Rumpke Waste and Recycling recognized as a US Best Managed Company


CINCINNATI — Rumpke Waste and Recycling was named one of the 2020 US Best Managed Companies. The award, sponsored by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal, recognizes the best managed private companies in the country.

Rumpke was nominated for the award and then participated in a rigorous application process that included an independent evaluation of four key management skills—strategy, execution, culture and financials. Representing its successes well, Rumpke is one of 27 honorees from across the Unites States representing a variety of industries.

“Rumpke is thrilled and honored by this national acknowledgement. During these times of uncertainty (relating to the pandemic), this recognition shines a spotlight on our country’s leading private companies, Rumpke is proud to share this award with so many other successful private businesses and to be the only waste and recycling firm to earn this designation,” said President and CEO Bill Rumpke Jr.

“This award is another shared achievement of our Rumpke team. It’s one more acknowledgement that the work, expertise and dedication we put forth every day is what ensures our ability to rise to the top. We would like to thank our outstanding, shareholders, Board of Directors and team of more than 3,000 employees for their efforts as well as all those involved in the awards process,” added Rumpke.

About the Award:

The Best Managed Companies program is a mark of excellence for private companies. US designees have annual revenues of at least $250 million. Hundreds of private companies around the world have competed for this designation in a rigorous and independent process that evaluates four key criteria in their management skills and practices—strategy, execution, culture and financials. US program sponsors are Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal. For more information, visit

Award Eligibility:

Applicants are evaluated against four criteria—strengths shared by management teams who excel amid change:

· Strategy: Best Managed Companies have a formal methodology for strategy development, the right capabilities and metrics in place to execute their strategy, and clearly and consistently communicate it to all levels of the organization.

· Execution: Best Managed Companies are highly execution-oriented, focused on productivity and innovation, and thoughtful about hiring the right people to execute their strategies.

· Culture: Best Managed Companies disproportionately invest in their people by maintaining strong one-team cultures, provide holistic compensation packages, invest in training, and address leadership succession planning.

· Financials: Best Managed Companies maintain strong reporting systems, use key metrics to measure their progress, maintain strong balance sheets, and apply the financial discipline required to execute their strategies.

· Must be headquartered or incorporated in the US

· Must have minimum revenue of $250 million

· In the case of a portfolio company controlled by a pension fund whose investment is managed by a US private equity firm, the pension fund must be registered in the United States

Provided photo Rumpke Waste and Recycling was recently named one of the 2020 US Best Managed Companies. photo Rumpke Waste and Recycling was recently named one of the 2020 US Best Managed Companies.

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