Kudos go out to complex’s donors


One of the highlights of the public open house was the announcement of donors toward the Ansonia Preschool/Athletic Fieldhouse.

Total project cost is $3,020,521, of which 85 percent is being funded by the district and the other 15 percent by the private donors.

Seventy-one donors committed $556,000, 112 percent of the goal.

Those donors were recognized, as follows:

Superior donors (pledging $25,000 or larger): Barga family, Greenville National Bank, Walls Bros. Asphalt, Rowland family, Second National Bank, Bryan and Aliana Clymer and Janet Leis, SISCO (Ben and Gail Overholser) and JL Spencer Trucking (Jamie and Kelly Spencer).

Exceptional level ($15,000 to $24,999): Premier Crop Insurance LL, Greenville Federal Bank, Wayne and Sue Detling, Ansonia Athletic Boosters, Jamie and Kim Campbell Electric, Ansonia Lumber Co., Riffle family, Erica and David Kamer and Jim and Liz Atchley.

Outstanding level ($5,000 to $14,999): Bernice Baltes/Joe and Star Schmitmeyer/Joey and Gretchen Schmitmeyer, Klingshirn Trucking (Joe and Stephanie Klingshirn), Wayne HealthCare, American Legion Post 353, St. Henry Tile, RB Cox Insurance, Rick Moody Construction, Jason Grieshop, Steve and Kim Burns, Kevin and Kelly Winner and family and Tim and Mindy Tobe (United Way).

Excellence level ($1,000 to $4,999: Family Health (Jean Young), Boenning & Scattergood, Casey’s General store, Dale “Rick” Campbell, Kimmel Trucking, Judge Farms Inc., Bruns Animal Clinic, Joe and Kailey Hibner, Marla Threewits, Tony and Emily Koesters, Patrick and Rhonda Williams, Duane and Karen Mote, Brett and Casey Robison, Cargill Inc., Nutrien Ag Solutions and Larry and Beth Campbell.

Congratulations for what you have done for the future students of Ansonia Local School District and their families.

Happy Fourth of July!


Son Jamie and I extend our condolences to the family and friends of Irma Hocker, Gini Stuckey, Randy Martin, Ruth Bohler, Dominic Mader, Charles Schmermund and Christine Deeter.


Please pray for: Betty Grimes, Jayden Martin, Wilma Flack, Vickie Knick Galloway, Vicky Henderson, Terri Hunt, Doug Bruns, Barbara Heck, Randy Heck, Gabriel Gilbert, Dolores Bowman, Chris “Big Daddy” Young, Vanessa Paris, Marilyn Hittle, Toni Meyers, Angie Young, Shirley McEdowney Billenstein, Donna Cruze Hall, Chuck Jones, Gary Henderson, Keith Foutz, Linda Mikesell-Schatz, Nancy Moody, Jeromy Burke, Kenny Edwards, Margaret Rhoades, Todd Thwaits, Melissa Riffell Mansfield, Mike McCord, Al Hurley, Norman Lyme, Mary Lane, Wayne Neal, Judy Francis, Darcy Buckingham, Jim Loy, Jim Thiebeau, Mike Lyme (of Ansonia), Lyle Cochran, Don Moyers, Shirley Miller, classmate Jim Hunt, Lindsey Purnhagen, Albert Duncan, Larry Arnett, Vanna Hannam, Greg Comer, Frank Fullenkamp, Cheri Antrobus Davis, Haskel Howard, Guadalupe Self, Paul Brubaker, Lila Pinney, Kelly Van De Grift, Merlin “Bus” Booker, Danny Brown, Jack Hale, Jessi Klosterman, Dakota Miller, Jack and Carol Good, Mary Ullery, Martha Higgins, Scott Clark, Duke Temple, Paulette (Swab) Shields, Phyllis Turner, Kerry Young, Dale Clark, Judi Peters, Linda Birt Schaffer, Herbert Bayman, Roger McEowen, Becky Garrett-Ross, Crew Neaves, Jackson Stout, Katie Rehmert, Alayna Marie Brantley, Dawn Oldiges, Don Booker, Tracy Pratt, Jim Marker, Mason Osterloh, Kyndal Wynk, Ron Kreitzer, Stacy Dorko, Keith Starks, Kohen Thwaits, Jerrod Pratt, Al Bliss, Layna Best, Wanda and Joe Bailey, Shelly Hoffman, Pappy Harshman, Bob Hiestand Jr., Tina Kiser Deaton, Lois Hittle, Kevin Hemmerich, Samantha Smith and Ron Kramer.

And, pray for all of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. God bless the USA and its people.


Happy birthday:

July 9 to Linda Thobe Frye, Linda Gasper, Karen Dickey, Rhonda Williams, Zane Keller Sr., Bill Staver, Keith Holton, Jaimi Hemmerich, Byron Young Ashley Leeper, Mason Perez, Tammy Hodge, Jennifer Brewer and Claudia Schinke-Hanish.

July 10 to Eric Hanna, Jack Baker, Kenny Young, Roger McEowen (86), James Jenkins, Phil Hathaway and Doris Curtis.

July 11 to Vickie Henderson, Diane Christian, Kierra Reichert, Keelan Highly, Levi Best, Stan Stebbins, Vera Garland-Houpt, Jamy Friend and Michelle Hokesama.

July 12 to Dr. Bill Trevino, Tom Pierron, Kerry Barber, Bonnie Tryon, Jackie Moody Sanders, Jan Patterson, Lori Hahn Smith, Heather Anthony, Kelly Dapore, Amy Whittington and Sandy Partin.

July 13 to Eric Fee, Kathy Gasson, Stephanie Adkins, Laura Francis Shafer, Sherry Deubner, Shirley Gariety, Larry Riley Jr., Larry Walters, Gage Daniels, Mike Berger and Chloe Heck.

July 14 to Dana Higgins Melling, Barbara Skinner, Jerrod Teegarden, Nikki Ford-Hill, Kathy Beam, Lois Gibboney, Eugene Hoening Jr., Kathy Leeper, Tom Fox, Mary Barga, Rob Curtis II, Eric Newman, the Rev. Gary Oser and Kim Custenborder.

July 15 to Steve Baker of Channel 7 fame, Tonda Wentworth, Teresa Clymer Fleckenstein, John Middleton (77), Elaine Amspaugh, Carla Smith-Bubp, Dennis Leeper, Roger McEldowney, Dan Esser, Paul Klingshirn, Sandy Norton Marcum and Troy Foster.


Happy anniversary to: Steve and Linda Nixon on July 9; Chris and Kim Barnhardt on July 14, and Elmer and Karen Long on July 15.


Think about it: “Wise men talk about ideas, ordinary men talk about things and fools talk about each other.” — Author unknown.


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