Bowman bond remains $250K


GREENVILLE — Murder suspect Richard M. Bowman, 58, of Mississinawa Township, appeared in court via video conference for a bond hearing on Friday. The hearing took place in response to a request by Bowman’s lawyer, Alex Pendl, for the court to review Bowman’s bond, which was initially set at $250,000.

Bowman was arrested on June 26 for the alleged murder of Teresa Bowman, his wife. Teresa Bowman, age 60, was pronounced dead at their home on Disher Road, Darke County on April 24, 2020.

The bond hearing was presided over by Judge Jonathan P. Hein, with prosecutor R. Kelly Ormsby and Bowman’s defense attorney present. Bowman sat quietly as the prosecutor and defense presented each of their cases for the conditions of his bond.

Pendl spoke on Bowman’s behalf and stated that his client has a steady employment history and no major runs-ins with law enforcement in the past. He requested that an OR bond be extended to Bowman.

Ormsby countered these claims by stating he did not get the impression Bowman had a steady employment history, noting that though he had consistently sought employment, he had been fired from a handful of jobs in recent months.

Following the hearing, Judge Hein issued a written decision, keeping Bowman’s bond at $250,000.

Man charged with killing wife April 24

By Nathaniel Kubik

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