Bradford puts out draft of restart plan


BRADFORD — The Bradford Exempted Village School District has released its draft for the restart of school this fall.

“It is the intent of Bradford Exempted Village School District to open school this fall educating our students in an environment that will be considered as close to ‘normal’ as possible, while implementing safety protocols to protect both students and staff,” Bradford Superintendent Joe Hurst said. “These plans follow the guidelines set forth by our state and local leaders and are subject to change with little or no notice.”

Highlights from the plan, which can be found on the Bradford schools website, include:


Proposed first day of school for students possibly moved to Sept. 8. Assuming this happens, many changes will potentially change with our calendar, including the end day of instruction.


Please email superintendent Joe Hurst at [email protected] at any time with any questions. A Frequently Asked Question section will be developed on the school website to share these important questions and answers.

Daily Expectations of Students, Parents

Parents will complete daily checks prior to students coming to school.

This includes communicating with the school any of the following: Fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, direct contact with COVID-19.

Alert teachers/staff of changes in wellness or symptoms.

Face coverings are strongly recommended by CDC for students in grades 3-12.

Students that have been identified with symptoms will be be required to wear a mask to the nurse’s clinic and/or isolation.

Students will be asked to wash and sanitize their hands regularly.

Student Illnesses

Any student with a fever over 100 degrees should stay home.

Also, any student with the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing — or any two symptoms of fever, chills, rigors, muscle soreness, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell or GI issues should stay home.

Returning To School After Illness

Three days with no fever (without using fever reducing medication) and other symptoms improved and 10 days since symptoms first appeared may return to school.

Any other illnesses should be handled in the routine manner.

To return to school, the child must be transported to school by parent and checked by the school nurse.

Daily Expectations of Teachers, Staff

Will wear face coverings when working withing six feet of students unless:

Doing so would interfere with learning process.

Is not advisable for health reasons.

There is a functional reason not to wear mask.

Kitchen staff and bus drivers will wear facial coverings.

Daily wellness check/questionnaires will be required.

Disinfect classrooms areas in-between student/group use.

Visitors, Volunteers

Visitors and volunteers will generally be discouraged from visiting the facilities.

Safety protocols will be implemented for all necessary visitors.

Luchroom Protocols

Lunchroom protocols will reflect social distancing and no-touch POS (lunch account program) operation.

While most current options will remain, parents will be encouraged to use their PaySchools account or to send checks with their children to minimize cash transactions.

Elementary students will eat in their classroom, while junior high and high school students will eat in the cafeteria.

Bus Protocol

Student temperatures will be checked as soon as they board the bus.

Students that ride the bus will be required to wear a mask.

Students will sit in assigned seats, filling the back of the bus first.

Students from the same households will be required to sit together.

Time will be allotted between routes to disinfect the bus.


Students will be encouraged to have their own supplies for class.

Class Transition

Schedules are being recreated to minimize hallway traffic.

Students will be asked to spend a minimal time in the hallways or at their locker.

Students will be asked to wear masks in the hallway.

Field Trips, Assemblies

Field trips and assemblies will be minimized or eliminated until further notice.

JH, High School

Class sizes will be capped at 15 students.

Any class with over 15 students will be moved to an overflow classroom.

Students will be released to go home at 2:20 p.m. each day.

Student who may need to stay until 3:10 p.m. will be placed in a study hall.


Students will be in self-contained classrooms of no more than 16.

Students will be asked to wear face masks in the common areas.

Recess will be provided in the classroom after lunch.

Online Option

The school realizes there are special circumstances that each family and student faces. If students have circumstances that would not allow them to return to school as described, please talk with your principal to explore alternative settings.

By Rob Kiser

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