MV board holds regular meeting


UNION CITY, Ohio — The Mississina Valley Local Board of Education met in regular session.

The regular board meeting minutes were approved and there was a review of treasurer’s financial reports and administration reports.

The approved to accept a generous donation from the Darke County Endowment for the Arts Inc. in the amount of $5,388 to Mrs. Austerman’s art classroom.

There was approval of superintendent’s recommendations for tuition students, tuition rate, bus stops, substitute teachers, technical supervisor contract, certified operator services, BASA dues, SOITA dues, co-curricular contracts, students with disabilities transportation, out-of-state trips, CCIP coordinator stipend, substitute rates, transportation resolution, revision for first student day and adopt a remote learning plan resolution.

The board approved the following employee contracts for the 2020-2021 school year as listed below:

Ashley Austerman, Art Club Advisor IX 6, $553 One Year.

Emily Clark, Elementary Student Council (1/2) VIII 2, $415

Sara Smith, Elementary Student Council (1/2) VIII 2, $415

Luke McKeeth, Foreign Language Club Advisor IX 2, $461

Ryan McGlothlin, Freshman Class Advisor VI 9, $1,751

Kaitlin Edwards, H.S. Student Council (1/2) VI 3, $783.50

Jonnie Meyer, H.S. Student Council (1/2) VI 3, $783.50

Billie Hunt, H.S. Yearbook Advisor (1/2) VII 1, $553

Mindy Longfellow, H.S. Yearbook Advisor (1/2) VII 1, $553

Sandy Denniston, JH Class Field Trip Advisor VII 10+, $1,475

Amanda Masters, JH Student Council VII 9, $1,383

Kim Hershey, Junior Class Advisor VI 10+, $1,843

Kim Hershey, NHS Advisor IX 8 ,$645

Ashley Austerman, SADD Advisor (1/2) IX 4 $230.50

Tricia Seubert, SADD Advisor (1/2) IX 7, $276.50

Kim Hershey, Science Club Advisor IX 10+, $737

Kim Hershey, Senior Class Advisor VI 9, $1,751

The board accepted the resignation of Mrs. Amanda Grow as para professional effective immediately pending approval of the cafeteria manager position and approved Grow as cafeteria manager at $19.97 per hour.

In new business, the OSBA Capital Conference in November will be virtual for 2020.

In old business, the school is still progressing with the football field lights.

In board member reports, Mr. Grow informed the board that they will be pouring concrete for the ticket booth and Mrs. Hanes commented that the Facebook pages are great but would like to see more information on the school Facebook pages.

Items Presented for Board Information included:

Dates of Interest:

a. New Staff — Aug. 26 (Wednesday)

b. Total Teacher Work Days — August 31 (Monday) and September 1 (Tuesday)

c. First Day for Students — September 8 (Tuesday)

The board then went into executive session.

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