Greenville police blotter



August 13, 5:58 a.m.: Police responded to a domestic disturbance near the 600 block of East Third Street. A male juvenile was taken into custody by the responding officers.


August 12, 7:16 p.m.: Meka Seiler was arrested on a warrant on Plum Street near Martin Street.

August 14, 6:25 p.m.: Justin Gantt was arrested on a felony warrant near the 100 block of East Main Street. Additional narcotics were located in the car and were sent away for testing with charges pending.

August 15, 5:22 p.m.: Kyle Reigelsperger was arrested on a warrant issued through the Ohio Adult Parole Authority.


August 13, 6:26 p.m.: Officers and rescue personnel were dispatched to the 300 block of Warren Street in reference to a female subject with injuries from an assault. Gregory Stutz was issued a misdemeanor citation for domestic violence.


August 11, 6:49 a.m.: Police responded to a theft not in progress in the 1600 block of Wagner Avenue. A trailer had been broken into and around $3,000 worth of construction equipment was stolen. There are no suspects at this time.

August 14, 3:35 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to South Broadway in reference to a robbery that had taken place. The victim advised that he was attacked by two adult males and had his backpack and wallet stolen from him. There are no suspects at this time.

August 14, 6:32 p.m.: Police responded to Burger King, 423 Wagner Avenue, to a theft not in progress. The manager explained that Bridget Napier, an employee, had been seen on camera taking the Burger King scholarship donations box. Napier was located and issued a citation for theft.

August 16, 6:37 p.m.: Officers responded to the 400 block of East Fourth Street in reference to a stolen bicycle complaint. This is an ongoing investigation.


August 13, 1:53 p.m.: A vehicle was rear-ended at a red light on East Russ Road, causing damage to both vehicles involved. No major injuries were reported.

August 14, 6:36 p.m.: A minor, two-car crash on occurred on Wagner Avenue when one car did not properly switch lanes. Minor damages were reported and no major injuries resulted.

August 14, 10:49 p.m.: Two vehicles were involved in a minor rear-end accident travelling westbound on East Main Street. One vehicle failed to have an assured clear distance and minor damages were caused.


August 16, 1:19 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Thirteenth Street and Anderson Avenue in reference to a suspicious person. The male subject was found to be on drugs and was taken to a private residence.


August 16, 7:30 p.m.: Officers responded to the 1300 block of Northview Drive in reference to an unresponsive female subject. An elderly woman was pronounced dead at the scene with the cause of death believed to be health complications.


August 13, 10:02 p.m.: A runaway juvenile was reported to Greenville PD. The juvenile was later located in Troy and brought to the police department in Greenville.

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