Pohl Group to host tactical medicine training


DARKE COUNTY — The Pohl Group, LLC. will be hosting SURVIVE Tactical Medicine training program on Sunday, Oct. 25, from 1 to 4:30 p.m at the Baymont Inn Hotel, 851 Martin Street in Greenville.

The Pohl Group, founded by retired Department of Defense and FBI Task Force Special Agent, Mark Pohl, specializes in active shooter response and tactical medicine training. Pohl is a DHS certified instructor in both disciplines and has previously trained government workers, schools, and police in his area of expertise.

SURVIVE was developed by The Pohl Group to enhance community safety capabilities to respond to traumatic injury and mass casualty events such as active shooter incidents, tornadoes, floods, storms, car accidents, and farm and industrial accidents. The program was designed to be accessible for teachers, law enforcement, EMS, firearms carriers, hunters, farmers, and church and industrial safety teams.

The course will provide information about the active shooter phenomenon, and include the latest trends, research, motivations, and case studies of active shooter events. For a more hands-on approach, students will be trained on Tactical Medicine, a U.S. Military developed, battlefield proven, trauma care system that helps bridge the gap between when a traumatic injury occurs, and the time it takes to get treatment by a medical professional.

When asked about the nature of his company, Pohl confirmed that his primary goal is to help people learn to protect themselves, and their family and friends.

“The convergence of civil unrest and reduced police capacity has created an environment where community members feel more vulnerable now than ever.” said Pohl. “Our SURVIVE training program helps fill that void by teaching the community how to prevent and survive traumatic injuries, whether from violent encounters, car and farm accidents, or accidents at home. We have been teaching SURVIVE for several years now and the feedback has been tremendous. Taking charge of your own personal safety is something that is more important now than ever as emergency services face reduced staff and a reduced ability to respond. We help people protect themselves, their property, family and friends.”

With the rising threat of active shooter events in our communities, training citizens on how to prevent, mitigate, and respond to attacks has never been more important. The course being offered, and other courses hosted by The Pohl Group, are an excellent opportunity to learn how to protect, and administer aid to, yourself, your family, and your friends in the event of a serious injury or active shooter incident.

To register for the event, visit or The training course and high value trauma kit will cost $229, and there is a cheaper, tourniquet only option that costs $99. For more information about The Pohl Group, visit or call 937-901-1244.

The Pohl Group will be hosting a SURVIVE Tactical Medicine training program Oct. 25 in Greenville. Pohl Group will be hosting a SURVIVE Tactical Medicine training program Oct. 25 in Greenville. Provided photo
Course scheduled for Oct. 25 in Greenville

By Nathaniel Kubik

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