Decide wisely this election


To the Editor:

This election “We The People” vote and determine who our nation’s leaders are. It’s our decision to make, not Trump’s nor his enablers. If, as Trump has stated, he believes this election is rigged with voter fraud, and that his re-election should be decided not by the people’s votes, but by his Justice Department and his Supreme Court and his propaganda network giving him a peaceful transition of power, then he is crazy. He is delusional.

The United States of America is not Trump’s to rule as he pleases. It’s or country, our democracy, our government of the people, by the people and for the people and we the people will stand up and fight and stop anyone who by trickery or force tries to take it away from us!

So vote wisely this election! Demand that your vote be counted! Demand that your voice be heard and heeded! Don’t left crooks and con artists steal your birth right. Vote and show Trump and Putin and all the world who we the people are and what we the people stand up for, that “We are one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

Your vote, my vote, our votes this election will effect America’s destiny and her people’s well-being for years to come. So vote wisely!

— The Rev. Jim Christy, retired


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