Davidson votes against “coronabus”


WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Dec. 21, Congress voted on a two-part package to fund the government into next year, which included a new coronavirus relief bill.

After passing several continuing resolutions to avoid a government shutdown after failing to fund the government on September 30, Congress came to an agreement and passed the 5,600 page package with hours to spare.

Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH) made the following statement after voting against both parts of the so-called “coronabus”:

“Americans need to know that Congressional leaders intentionally wrote this bill behind closed doors, suspended the rules to prevent debate or amendment, and didn’t even give representatives time to read it. No elected official should dignify this dishonest process with a “yes” vote. This sham makes a mockery of our republic and enables excessive spending which will eventually bankrupt the nation.”

Davidson went on to address government mandates, and the struggles of American’s who are in search of relief.

“Leadership should have allowed the House to vote on COVID relief package separately and ensured it included an additional remedy: ending mandates that keep our economy closed. Americans have suffered as state and local governments have closed economies and killed jobs. I think it is only right that Congress finds a way to offer relief to Americans, who—through no fault of their own—find themselves out of work. By tying coronavirus relief to the omnibus, Congressional leaders are holding Americans hostage so they can pass a status quo agenda with no fiscal accountability or oversight.”

He concluded, “I will continue to vote against bills that essentially bankrupt America and urge the President to veto any bill that spends trillions of dollars without a markup, debate, or the opportunity for other representatives to amend it.”

Congressman Warren Davidson (R) represents Ohio’s 8th Congressional District. More information can be found on his website at davidson.house.gov


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