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GREENVILLE — As you may remember, Beltone Hearing & Audiology created a giveaway for a chance to win a free set of hearing aids. Residents in the Darke County area were nominated by friends, family, and loved ones. One lucky member of the community was selected at random to win.

Marlene Harvey was announced as the winner and she is a resident of Greenville, Ohio. Her daughter, Jill, nominated her through Beltone’s Facebook Foundation Fitting. Marlene received a set of behind the ear hearing instruments and was fit on Dec. 15, just in time for Christmas.

Dr. Young, owner and audiologist for Beltone Hearing & Audiology, set up the program to bring joy to someone this holiday season.

She stated, “2020 has been a rough year for a lot of people in this area. I contacted corporate with the idea of the giveaway and they agreed that we should move forward with it. They have contacted other offices across the nation to start this program and select different members to get a free set of hearing aids. Because of the mask mandate, communication with others have made understanding what is being said difficult for a lot of people. For some it is the first time that they are noticing that they are experiencing some hearing loss. I thought to myself, what is a way that I can give back to the community? What’s a better gift than hearing the ones that we love most?”

If you, or someone that you know is experiencing difficulty or have concerns regarding your hearing, please contact Beltone Hearing & Audiology at 937-548-4242 to schedule your free hearing consultation. If you mention the program or this article, you can receive additional discounts towards a new set of hearing instruments.

Ms. Harvey being fitted for her new set of hearing aids. Harvey being fitted for her new set of hearing aids. Provided photo

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