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GREENVILLE — The Darke County Board of Commissioners met Monday afternoon to primarily address administrative reorganizing leading into 2021. Commissioners Matt Aultman, Mike Stegall, and Larry Holmes were all present.

To begin the meeting, the commissioners voted on leadership positions. Matt Aultman was selected to be chairman of the Board, and Mike Stegall was selected as vice chairman. The newly elected commissioner, Larry Holmes, remains a voting member. These positions are typically selected in accordance with seniority.

Robin Blinn was reappointed to the position of administrative clerk/secretary, and Charity Hutt was reappointed assistant clerk/secretary. All of the commissioners thanked Blinn and Hutt for their exemplary work at the office.

Moving forward, the commission voted on meeting dates and times for 2021. After some discussion, it was agreed that Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. are still the best times, so a motion was made. The commission noted that, after years of observations, these times work best for them, and the people who attend the meetings. The motion was passed.

The commissioners then voted on a motion to authorize the Darke Co. Treasurer to secure advances from the Darke Co. Auditor for advance draws of taxes when funds are available for the 2021 year. The motion was passed.

Next, a motion was approved to raise the county mileage payout to $0.45 per mile, and raise the meal allowance to a maximum of $50 per day — or $25 per meal. Previously, the mileage rate was set at $0.40 per mile, and the meal allowance was $35 per day. The commissioners noted that the mileage payout of $0.45 per mile is still around $0.10 lower than the federal rate.

The commissioner’s approved a force account of $100,000 to the Darke County engineer to be used in matters pertaining to maintenance repair, and/or the construction or reconstruction of county roadways. The motion was passed.

A motion was passed to retain Gideon Ministries as chaplain at the Darke County Jail. Another motion was passed to retain Family Health Services as the primary healthcare provider at the Darke County Jail. Family Health Services typically provides physicians and other medical experts to assist inmates at the jail.

A motion was passed stating that representatives from each of the county offices are responsible for assisting those who inquire about, or are in search of, county records. This followed a discussion on how to best allow public access to county records.

Following this, the board approved motions outlining the 2021 board representations. As it stands, the responsibilities of each commissioner are as follows:

All commissioners: Board Members of Darke Co. CIC, Community Corrections, Airport Advisory, MRTC Advisory & Executive Board, Upper Ludlow Group Project; & Courthouse Security.

Chairman (Matt Aultman): Microfilm Board, 4-H Committee & Extension Advisory, DC CIC Executive, 911 Advisory Board, Airport Advisory Chairman, and Homeland Security/EMA & LEPC Board.

Vice Chairman (Mike Stegall): DC Visitor’s Bureau/Main St. Greenville (MSG), Area 7 Elected Officials Rep, Grand Lake Watershed Committee, and ADA Council.

Member (Larry Holmes): Emergency Food & Shelter, Family & Children First Council, & Communications Committee, Solid Waste Advisory Board, and Alternate Rep Area 7 Elected Officials.

Matt Aultman, as chairman, was subsequently selected to be the official voting representative of Darke County. Mike Stegall, in the event of Aultman’s absence, was designated as the alternate voting representative of Darke County.

The board adopted the company “Reliable” to begin the process of removing a 20-plus-year-old fuel tank from the Darke County Sheriff’s Office grounds. Reliable quoted a price of $6,050 to remove fuel from the tank. This is a preparatory stage in the process of fully removing the tank, which will be completed in the near future after this project has been finished.

The commissioner’s submitted a letter of support for the Versailles Fire Department — which recently applied for the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant FY20 in order to purchase an elevated water stream and aerial platform to assist in the village’s safety and firefighting capabilities.

The letter stated that, “…we are excited about the services that this apparatus can provide not only for the Village of Versailles, but also to the surrounding areas that are covered by Darke County Fire Department Mutual Aid Agreements. The surrounding area is an agriculture community where many tall soil and grain bins are located. This apparatus can fulfill those needs safely.”

Resolution (R-5-2021) was the first voucher of the new year, dated Jan. 11, for county bills. The amount of $188,167.16 was transferred from the general fund, and $48,375.86 was covered by outside general funds, for a total of $236,543.04. The resolution was approved.

Resolution (R-6-2021) was approved. This resolution secured a $46,817.53 fund advance for the Darke County Emergency Management Association (EMA). This advance comes on the heels of the Darke Co. EMA applying for a grant. The funds will be sent back to the county upon EMA receiving the grant funds.

The board concluded the meeting by passing a motion that entered the county into a vehicle maintenance agreement with the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. The rates were set by the county based on wages, benefits, and overhead costs.

The Darke County Board of Commissioners met Monday afternoon to discuss administrative matters leading into 2021. Darke County Board of Commissioners met Monday afternoon to discuss administrative matters leading into 2021. Darke County Media photo

By Nathaniel Kubik

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