Davidson rejects attempts to remove President Trump


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Tuesday, Representative Warren Davidson (R-OH) issued a statement rejecting efforts in Congress to remove President Donald Trump from office.

“I will oppose any and all efforts by Congress to influence Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, including today’s nonbinding resolution,” said Davidson. “The 25th Amendment designates to the Cabinet the power to remove a sitting president: The President is fit to serve out his remaining eight days in office.”

“I similarly reject House Democrats’ politically motivated bid to impeach President Trump a second time,” he added. “The Senate cannot possibly hear the rushed case for impeachment before President Trump’s term in office expires. To hold a trial after President Biden takes office would serve only to rub salt in America’s wounds.”

“I will not participate in this political effort to further divide Americans under the guise of impeaching a man who will not be in office within a few days. If President Biden is serious about unifying this country, he will make his first one hundred days about rebuilding this country’s economy and listening to the men and women who feel unheard by their government,” said Davidson.

Calls impeachment effort ‘politically motivated’

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