School climate in the pandemic


The climate of our school building affects all aspects of educating our students. A positive and healthy climate increases morale for students and staff, creates a better learning atmosphere, and increases community interactions with the school buildings. Traditionally we can see the characteristics of a good climate from our students in things like participation in pep rallies, clubs, grades, and community involvement with attendance at school events. In this pandemic year our traditional ways of measuring how our students and community are involved in our schools have taken on a non-traditional look.

Imagine being trained to learn and teach in front of an audience your entire life and in a matter of a few days all of that changing. We used to rely on discussion, demonstration, teamwork and practice as the basic principles of teaching and learning. We now must include things like logging-in, email, Zoom, wearing masks, attaching homework, all while relying on our technology to work. When outside factors like loss of income, product shortages, quarantines and illness are taken into consideration, students, staff members, and parents are struggling to keep up with our traditional expectations.

Our staff and students are doing their best to provide and produce traditional high school experiences like sporting events, concerts, as well as remote learning and face-to-face learning while also promoting safe and healthy behaviors to lessen the risk of transmitting COVID-19. We appreciate all of the extra precautions that students, staff, and community members have done so that we can have these events and see students every day in our schools.

Greenville High School would like to thank all of the people who have helped us plan, administer, and back our school’s educational needs and extracurriculars. We hope that with continued support we will be able to offer more traditional experiences for our students and community. The climate and atmosphere of our schools and our community will continue to improve as we work together to provide the best academics and extracurriculars while doing our best to keep all of us safe and healthy.

By Stan Hughes

GHS Principal

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