Wright State announces honor students


DAYTON — More than 2,600 Ohio students at Wright State University earned Dean’s List honors during the fall 2020 semester, based on their grade point averages. All students must take 12 or more credit hours and must have achieved at least a 3.5 GPA to be placed on the Dean’s List. Students from Darke County achieving Dean’s List honors include:

Abigail Abel, Union City; Caitlyn Bailey, Ansonia; Andrew Baker, Arcanum; Aliya Barga, Ansonia; Isabelle Barga, Rossburg; Tera Blumenstock, Greenville; Mikayla Bohman, Versailles; Cameron Brunswick, Osgood; Isaac Buschur, New Weston; Tyler Carter, Greenville; Chloe Clark, New Madison; Grace Dapore, Ansonia; Marah Davis, Arcanum; Zac Davis, Greenville; Alexa Didier, Versailles; Lindsey Didier, Versailles; Dorothy Garber, Arcanum; Tyler Gigandet, Bradford; Brendin Gillem, Arcanum; Renton Gosnell, Ansonia; Alexis Grebory, Greenville; Alexander Grilliot, Versailles; Taylor Hackney, Greenville; Corben Hartzell, Arcanum; Danielle Hesson, Versailles; Kelsie Hunt, Union City; Sidnie Hunt, Union City;

Lena Jenssen, Arcanum; Johnson Heather Johnson, Greenville; Brandon Kinney, Arcanum; Brittany Kinney, Arcanum; Rebecca Knapke, Versailles; Paige Kreusch, Arcanum; Danielle Kunk, Versailles; Emily Langenkamp, Rossburg; Cori Lawrence, Versailles; Hallory Leuthold, Fort Recovery; Abbigale Lipps, New Paris; Patrick Lockhart, Greenville; Cole Luthman, Versailles; Kylie Lyons, Versailles; Taylor Martin, Greenville; Avery McEldowney, Versailles; Courtney McEldowney, Versailles; Grace McEldowney, Versailles; Jessica Mestemaker, New Weston; Ty Meyer, Rossburg; Justin Miller, Union City; Amanda Moore, Arcanum; Jonathan Moorman, Versailles; Hunter Muir, Ansonia;

Sarah Niekamp, New Weston; Kayla O’Daniel, Arcanum; Elizabeth Ording, Versailles; Andrew Osterloh, Rossburg; Zachary Perry, Greenville; Jessica Peters, Greenville; Rachel Pinchot, Versailles; Rebecca Pinchot, Versailles; Hailey Platfoot, Greenville; Cody Pohlman, New Weston; Isabelle Rammel, Greenville; Conner Reed, Versailles; Larkin Ressler, Arcanum; Caden Schulze, Versailles; Sarah Scott, Greenville; Bailey Stammen, New Weston; Latosha Stone, Greenville; Andrew Strait, Greenville; Kalysta Thobe, Versailles; Taylor Thwaits, Ansonia; Lane Unger, Greenville; Audrey Voisard, Versailles; Brandon White, Union City; Leah Wilburn, New Weston; Rachel Wright, Arcanum; Jacob Wuebker, Versailles

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