Arcanum talks snow removal, community pool


ARCANUM — The Arcanum Village Council met Tuesday evening and primarily discussed the recent power outage, a new stop light, and the community swimming pool. All council members were present.

Village Administrator Bill Kessler reported that snow removal in the village has gone very well thus far. He did, however, note that the village had received a few complaints about alley ways not being cleared of snow and ice. Kessler addressed this by stating that alley ways are last to be plowed, and that the village has been working diligently to clear out the remaining snow.

Kessler also spoke to the power outage that occurred in Arcanum on Wednesday, Feb. 17. He stated that the village primarily receives power from DP&L through lines coming primarily from West Milton, and secondarily from West Manchester. In the event that the West Milton lines fail, the village receives supplemental power from the West Manchester lines. The issue was that there was an accident that shut down the West Milton line, and ironically, at the same time, the West Manchester line was down, as well. The West Manchester line was brought back up very quickly and residents were only out of power for a portion of the morning.

Kessler reported on the low-to-moderate income study that the village is conducting. He stated that approximately 1,000 forms were sent out, and the village has received almost 300 already. This study is conducted to ensure the village is able to receive grant funds from the state to undertake numerous projects that the village has planned. If possible, the village asks that you fill out and return the form as soon as you are able.

In other news, Rick Genovesi, chair of the Safety Committee, stated that the village is moving along steadily in their plan to place a stop light at the intersection of Main Street and Trojan Avenue, near the school. Genovesi stated that Access Engineering has lined up a company to conduct a study in late May to be submitted to the state for approval. After the state approves the light, the village will move to decide about a style of light.

Jacob Banks, chair of the Service and Leisure Committee, reported that the committee met and discussed Acanum Junior Baseball’s (AJB) contract for the upcoming year. He noted that AJB requested a three-month extension of the typical time frame. The contract this year will run from March to October. Banks also stated that the committee reached an agreement on updates to, and pricing for, the community swimming pool for the upcoming summer. The price of a single entry to the pool before 4 p.m. is being moved from $3 to $5 per person, and after 4 p.m., the rate returns to $3. The rate is $3 all day on Wednesdays. The single membership rate was raised from $50 to $55. Arcanum resident family passes were upped from $100 to $115, and non-resident family passes will be $140. The senior pass rate of $45 will remain the same.

The village noted that a number of these rates were increased from 2019 to 2020, but since the pool was not open last year, the rates may seem higher than usual. The extra money from the pool will be used to replace the liner inside of the pool and make other improvements.

To conclude, the village reviewed an ordinance establishing the swimming pool rates for 2021, and a resolution approving the hiring of a new pool manager.

The Arcanum Village Council meets the second and last Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. For more information, visit the village website at

The Arcanum Village Council met Tuesday evening to discuss snow removal in the village, developments pertaining to a new stop light, and the community swimming pool rates for 2021. Arcanum Village Council met Tuesday evening to discuss snow removal in the village, developments pertaining to a new stop light, and the community swimming pool rates for 2021. Darke County Media photo

By Nathaniel Kubik

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