State of the Heart to become EverHeart April 1


GREENVILLE — State of the Heart Care is excited to announce that effective April 1, it will officially become EverHeart Hospice. It is important to note that the business is not changing ownership or leadership, it is simply changing the name.

Kristi Strawser, Executive Director at State of the Heart Care, shared how excited she was for the name change.

“EverHeart Hospice represents both a continuation and a departure,” said Strawser. “We will always be State of the Heart Care and carry a piece of that identity with us, but we are also growing and improving to better serve our communities moving forward. This has been a challenging but important process, and we are thrilled with where it has taken us. Ultimately it is the work we do that will continue to define us, and that simple fact has made this process of changing our name much more reassuring. We are happy to be moving forward with a fresh look and a renewed mission.”

Strawser also said, “Nothing has changed in the exceptional and compassionate care we provide to our patients and their families. We are still the communities’ hospice and look forward to continuing to serve our communities as we have for the past 40 years.”

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