Commissioners approve home repair payouts


GREENVILLE — The Darke County Board of Commissioners met Wednesday evening to approve payouts for the remaining 2019 CHIP HOME Repair Grant funds. Commissioners Matt Aultman, Mike Stegall, and Larry Holmes were all present.

The board approved Resolution (R-90-2021) which was an amendment to Resolution (R-202-2008). This amendment pertains to the county’s fixed asset accounting system, and the County Auditor’s responsibility for its development and maintenance. In 2008, the fixed assets for GAAP reporting purposes were defined as tangible assets of the county, “with a useful life in excess of one year and an initial cost equal to or exceeding $5,000.” The amendment changes the exceeding amount from $5,000 to $10,000.

The board approved Resolutions R-91-2021, R-92-2021, and R-93-2021, which all approved funds to be sent from the CHIP HOME Repair Grant. The grant is from 2019, and is used on a two year basis to award home repair funds to low income households. The total of the three projects is $48,960.

Upon passing the resolutions, Commissioner Matt Aultman noted that these are the final three payouts from the 2019 grant fund. The county still has a limited amount of “rehab” money to award, which is considered a full-fledged home makeover, rather than minor upgrades as classified in repairs.

“We’re glad to finally be finishing up this project and hope to receive more funds in the fall to continue doing repairs throughout Greenville and the county,” said Aultman. “We receive this grant in partnership with the City of Greenville and we can’t thank them enough for their continued support.”

Aultman went on to state this is one of the more applicable and impactful grants that the county receives. He also encouraged residents who are interested in funds, and believe they are eligible, to reach out to the county administrative office at 937-547-7370 and ask for the grants department. The grants department will soon begin making a list of future recipients. The commissioners stated that, if approved, they hope the 2021 funds will arrive sometime in September or October.

“We’re incredibly thankful to the contractors who take part in these home repairs,” said Commissioner Mike Stegall. “Their speedy work ensures that we are able to get all funds allocated in time enough to apply for the same grant again in the future.”

The board approved an expense request for the Darke Co. Common Pleas Court Magistrate for $150 for a spring webinar conference.

The Darke County Board of Commissioners meets every Monday and Wednesday at the county administrative office located at 520 S. Broadway in Greenville. To contact them, call 937-547-7370.

The Darke County Board of Commissioners met Wednesday afternoon to approve payouts on the remaining funds from the 2019 CHIP HOME Repair Grant. Darke County Board of Commissioners met Wednesday afternoon to approve payouts on the remaining funds from the 2019 CHIP HOME Repair Grant. Darke County Media image

By Nathaniel Kubik

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