Drug Take Back Day is April 24


My name is Regann Rutschilling, a final-year pharmacy student working with Family Health Services of Darke County, and I am writing to inform you of their upcoming Drug Take Back Day to be held on April 24, 2021 at Family Health Pharmacy in Greenville, Ohio. At this event, the community members are invited to bring in their unused, expired, or unwanted over-the counter and prescription medications and the staff at Family Health Pharmacy will properly dispose of the medications for them.

Many of us in the community have unused prescriptions, medications that are expired, and over-the-counter medications we no longer need. Proper disposal of the medication avoids accidents, such as poisoning of children and pets or misuse by other individuals. According to the U.S. Poison Control Centers, unintentional ingestion of pain medications are the leading cause of death in young children and over 40 percent of adult poisonings are medication related. Increased amounts of unwanted or expired medications in the home increase the risk for these accidental exposures and misuse. In addition, health problems resulting from taking an incorrect medication or using a medication that is too old to work well can be prevented if medications are disposed of correctly. Our environment is also protected. By avoiding the flushing of medications down a drain and toilet, medications won’t enter our waterways and contaminant the water supply. The biggest question, however, is what is the best way to dispose of the medications?

Events such as Drug Take Back Days provide members of the community the opportunity to ensure their medications are properly disposed of. Family Health organizes a Drug Take Back Day each spring and fall. To find other Drug Take Back days, individuals may contact their city or county government, or call 1-800-882-9539. Throughout the year, community members are welcome to bring unwanted medications to Family Health Pharmacy or to the Greenville Police Department lobby. Liquids over 120 mL, needles or syringes, and illegal substances are unable to be disposed of in these methods. Family Health Pharmacy also offers drug disposal bags at no cost. Ask a pharmacy staff member for one at your next visit.

Should none of the previously mentioned options be accessible for patients, disposal with at-home methods are a “last ditch” effort. Methods for use at home include mixing medications with an undesirable material like cat litter into an easy to dispose container, such as a butter or laundry container. This container is then thrown into the garbage for disposal. It is important to remember to remove any personal information from the empty pill bottles before throwing those into the trash. Again, working with Family Health Pharmacy, Greenville Police Department, or the county and city government is recommended before using at-home disposal options; they will ensure all personal information is protected, and the medications are correctly disposed of.

Family Health Services of Darke County encourages the people of Darke County to attend the spring Drug Take Back Day on April 24. It is free to participate in, and you do not need to be a patient of Family Health to attend. Participation in the event and proper disposal of unwanted medications continues to make a large impact on individuals, family, and the community of Darke County. For any questions regarding the upcoming Drug Take Back Day or proper medication disposal options, please reach out to the Family Health Pharmacy at 937-548-2953.

Regann Rutschilling

Doctorate of Pharmacy Candidate 2021


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