Downtown Greenville spruces up


GREENVILLE – Downtown Greenville was buzzing Saturday morning with Adopt-A-Box volunteers beautifing downtown Broadway with flowers and mulch.

“This is our Adopt-A-Box program that beautifies downtown Greenville,” said Ryan Berry, Executive Director Main Street Greenville. “It is remarkable what the city has done downtown and then added with what Main Steet Greenville is doing.”

“Thank you to all of the sponsors of the boxes and the pots,” Berry added. “We get comments every year from people on how beautiful our downtown looks and it is because of our supporters that this is possible.”

Hillary Holzaphel leads a committee that underetakes the downtown beautification project.

“Thank you to my committee that has picked some great looking flowers this year,” said Berry. “We have a lot of volunteers out here planting these flowers and it is going to look very nice downtown.”

“We invite everybody to come downtown and see what we have in Downtown Greenville. Not only does it look great but we have a lot of great businesses downtown that are locally owned and opperated. We encourage everybody to come downtown whether it’s to shop or to dine or it’s one of our First Friday events.”.

The City of Greenville made many impressive improves the look of downtown in 2020. Overhead wires were moved to underground conduit, removal of the old uneven pavers and replaced with stamped concrete providing safer downtown sidewalks.

“The uplighting is brand new,” Berry stated. “During the holidays and special events we saw the green and red lights. The city has been generous and put uplighting on the trees so it’s absolutely beautiful what they have done and not just Broadway, but also on the side streets they have added the acorn style lighting on Thrid, Fourth and Fifth streets so it is very cohesive tying everything together.”

“We are seeing some great improvements and it’s a big thank you to the City of Greenville and City Council for having the foresight to do that and push forward with making our town, our downtown not only be great but look great as well,” Berry concluded.

Ryan Berry, Executive Director Main Street Greenville lends a hand to Adopt-A-Box with beautifying Downtown Greenville. Berry, Executive Director Main Street Greenville lends a hand to Adopt-A-Box with beautifying Downtown Greenville. Gaylen Blosser | Darke County Media

By Gaylen Blosser

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