Bradford School Board discusses plans for new track and roofing


BRADFORD — The Bradford Schools Board of Education met Tuesday evening to discuss financial plans for various projects on the horizon, including the build of a new track and roofing.

“We need to set up a plan, so we can plan for the inevitable,” School Board Member Dr. Scott Swabb said. “Our job is due diligence, so we can plan now.”

With the current Bradford school building nearly 20 years old, the need for maintenance is growing, with parts of the roof leaking for more than 4 years. Discussion of a plan to temporarily fix the leaks now and save for a full replacement later was at the top of the list.

The board expressed the fear that if they fix the full roof now, the district may not have sufficient money left over for emergency expenses. The board wants to put a game plan in place to ensure they are not surprised in the future and possess funds to fall back upon.

With the upcoming levy deadlines, the board is pushing for a decision on the new track. A three-prong plan was brought up, stating the district will take on two-thirds of the cost through a certificate of participation and unlimited tax bonds.

These steps will come from the district and not through individuals. The third step of the plan would be to move funding around in order to fund the track project.

“I won’t say it won’t be rough for the district, but it’ll get done,” said School Treasurer Carla Surber.

The decision for the levy needs an idea of cost in order to proceed. The total estimated cost for the track is upwards of $500,000, and the board discussed splitting the cost during the course of a couple of years, with the track coming first and everything else, including the football field, coming later.

The board went into executive session and plans on continuing forward with discussion about project plans in future meetings as well.

By Meladi Brewer

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