Against the COVID vaccine, mask wearing


First of all I want readers to know that personally I am against all vaccines and the wearing of a mask. I do not trust their tests for the virus and I do not believe in this government shutdown.

I have been online reading statements made by a Dr. Vernon Coleman. He tells of this being a war from evil to good! He said people are being led to believe that vaccines are good, but in fact they are evil. He tells of the global warming fraud, tells of them wanting the New World Order, and that the virus is nothing but the flu (which I believe can be cured by using Hydroxychloroquine). Coleman says that other doctors and nurses have been told about this and are threatened to stay silent. He also tells of the cruelty of testing many different animals and that all of it is useless against the virus.

I agree with everything he is saying, and that is why I am sharing it with readers.

Irvin Neargarder

Union City, Ohio

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