Blue Angels support each other


GREENVILLE — “To make the best better” and live up to the 4-H oath, the Blue Angels met to help each other on their fair projects.

The Blue Angels held its July 7 meeting at Faith Baptist Church from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Raylea Richards called the meeting to order leading the pledges. Roll call was answered by which do you prefer a popsicle or ice cream?

Rayleigh read devotions. Ella Williams read the secretary’s report and was 1st approved by Daniel Williams and 2nd by Gabby Spitzer. Alivia Addis gave the treasure’s report and was 1st approved by Danielle Williams and 2nd by Julia Raffel. Blake Addis reported on Community Service that the club would be doing Stuff a Bus on Aug. 2 at 10 a.m. There was no Health & Safety report.

Old business Junior Fair board and Bake o’ Rama applications are due Aug. 1. Project Presentation & Evaluation Day is July 9 at Radiant Lighthouse.

You can present there or send in videos. New business-revue cards are available to pick up after the meeting and due August 1st. The club had a advisor update from Sharon Harpest.

The Blue Angels will be celebrating 50 years. The club designed a T-shirt. The cost is $11. If you participated in trash bash or stuff a bus you can deduct $5 from price. Payment for T-shirts is due next meeting. The club will wear T-shirts for parade and building supervision.

The next meeting is July 21 at Faith Baptist Church at 6:30. The meeting was adjourned 1st by Daniel Williams and 2nd by Evan Addis.

The club then had a club judging. Each member presented their project to the club. Everyone did a excellent job! The club enjoyed refreshments provided by Evan, Alivia, and Blake Addis.

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