Versailles Rehab Center celebrates social wellness month


VERSAILLES — The Versailles Rehab facility will be hosting a mini Summer Olympics.

July is “Social Wellness Month,” and Versailles Rehab notes there is no better time to remember that cultivating social well-being is vital to one’s physical and mental health.

After the pandemic curtailed visits between family, friends, social groups, and more, Versailles Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center is encouraging the community and its residents to enhance and enrich their lives with activities and events designed to nurture positive emotional and mental health, and increase social interactions with others.

As one of the social highlights this summer at Versailles Rehab, the facility is hosting its own mini Summer Olympics during the actual games. Some of the games have already started at Versailles and include:

• A torch lighting held by the Versailles Rehab “Gorgeous Grandmas” group on Friday, July 23, the same day the Olympics began

• A concert which featured Ken & Mary Turbo Accordions Express following the torch lighting

• A “glamour day” beforehand to pamper the Gorgeous Grandmas as they prepared for the torch lighting, and photos taken to share with their family and friends

“The COVID-19 pandemic created enormous challenges for skilled nursing facilities when it came to integrating social activity into residents’ lives in a safe and effective way,” said Kristy Earick, senior administrator of Versailles Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center. “For many older adults, staying socially active can be just as effective as exercise for improving their mood and overall quality of life. We are excited to reintroduce safe activities designed to increase the social interactions and social wellness of our residents. Now that everyone can come out of their rooms and be together, it has created a new respect for enjoying every moment you can with each other.”

Versailles Rehab has resumed on-site visitation between residents and their family and friends, and encourages those who haven’t visited their loved ones since the pandemic began to come and visit.

Additionally, in conjunction with Social Wellness Month and throughout the summer, Versailles Rehab will be planning the following activities:

• Group dining and other resident gatherings and activities, which have already resumed for several weeks

• Resident interest groups and gatherings for painted crafts, games, outdoor concerts, and monthly holiday celebrations, Hawaiian luaus, and more

• Residents can again go to off-site gatherings at restaurants and other people’s homes, as well as host parties and other gatherings at Versailles Rehab

• Playing interactive games on a physical therapy app called RESTORE, that helps them connect with their families and friends around the world

For more information, please call 937-526-5570 or visit the website at

Skilled nursing facility encourages its residents and the community to nurture their relationships with others. nursing facility encourages its residents and the community to nurture their relationships with others. Provided photo

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