Doctors urge COVID vaccination


As physicians and advanced practice providers representing Darke County, we are reaching out again to our community to discuss the effectiveness and importance of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Darke County has a long and storied history of coming together as a community, especially this time of year with the great Darke County Fair! It is a special time when people gather to celebrate our heritage. We are thrilled that this annual event is back for all to enjoy. However, while we are pleased to be returning to everyday activities, we are deeply concerned that our county is still experiencing one of the lowest vaccine rates in the State of Ohio.

If you have waited to get the vaccine because it’s new or untested, the FDA just gave full approval for use of the Pfizer vaccine. While the antibodies from a previous infection may provide some (or limited) protection, the best protection is the vaccine. Additionally, with the new Delta variant and our community’s low vaccination rate, we are extremely concerned that our local health care system will not be able to properly care for our citizens. Hospitals in adjoining counties that normally take our patients, have run out of bed space again.

We can confidently recommend getting the COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccine is safe and effective and prevents people from getting seriously ill. We are all tired of the pandemic and eager to get our businesses, restaurants, sporting events, fairs, and festivals open without restrictions. The more people who roll up their sleeves to take the vaccine, the faster we can put the pandemic behind us.

It is critical for our community to come together now and get vaccinated. This is our opportunity to protect our families, neighbors, co-workers, and people in the community we may not know. It will take all of us to make a difference.

Family Health Providers

Dr. Carlos Menendez, Dr. Anna Hatic, Dr. Tom Brown, Dr. Donald Pohlman, Dr. William Osterbur, Dr. Lynne Hawley, Dr. Jennifer Rawlins, Dr. Kenneth Harshbarger, Dr. Rick Bowlin, Dr. Beth Vehre, Mickey Ferguson CNP, Meredith Britton CNP, Steve Shellhaas CNP, Dr. Julia Bowlin, Tina Huffman PA, Greg Heiser CNP, Dr. Heidi Yount, Chane Chalou CNP, Abby Whitaker NP, Dr. Sherry Adkins, Kayla Borchers CNP, Dr. Amy Parker, Stephanie House PA, Lynn Livingston CNP.


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